Rainbow Sundae 1.24

Aiden yelled at Anita from across the hastily constructed house.

Aiden: “Hey Babe! I wanna throw a party!”
Anita: “Why? You know I don’t like crowds…”
Aiden: “It’ll just be our friends! And I have a reason… Come here.”

Anita walked into the room and burst out laughing.

Anita: “What the–”
Aiden: “I wanna throw a party so I have an excuse to wear this.”
Anita: “Oookay… With reasoning like that, how can I resist.”

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Rainbow Sundae 1.23

The new house was still under construction, but a few of the areas were livable… including an office for Aiden! He was happy to have built a new desktop and have a full size desk for it. The dog was indifferent to it.

Anita: “Hey Honey, my sister invited me over for Thanksgiving. Want to come?”
Aiden: “Did she invite me?”
Anita: “She didn’t -Not- invite you.”
Aiden: “Snazzy. Who’s cooking?”
Anita: “I am.”
Aiden: “Then it’ll be edible. I’m in.”

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Rainbow Sundae 1.22

Aiden: “Hey Babe, how’s my beauty that’s sweeter than Honey?”
Anita: “That was awful.”
Aiden: Laughs.
Mint: in the background staring “I have just defecated here. What do you think of that, Creator…”

Mint is a gross dog. The sort of blue beast that makes a family regret inviting him into their home, but you love him anyway.

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Rainbow Sundae 1.21

Sam came over to hang out. She and Anita chatted a while.

Anita: “So wait, you and Andres have kids?”

Sam: “Yeah, a little girl. We’re thinking of having more, but we’re holding off until we move.”

Anita: “Why the move?”

Sam: “Well we’ve just been here temporarily. We usually live up at the Northern Border City, but it’s too damn cold up there. I know we’re close to Andres’ folks, but shit… I’m looking forward to moving to an Island City.”

Anita: “I can’t believe you never told me any of this, Aiden.”

Aiden: “…”

Sam: “Well you know… Aiden’s allergic to family and commitment.”

Aiden: “Not funny and not true, Sam. I love family.”

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Rainbow Sundae 1.20

Anita was thrilled to have Chloe and Aiden back safe and sound. Hunter was embarassing in his dramatic sobs as he hugged his daughter. Now that the situation had been resolved the group threw a party to burn off the last bits of the misadventure from their minds. No pictures were taken because the person in charge of taking pictures got too drunk to take any. It was a good party though. Trust us.

A month later…

Anita: “Oh Lord, I thought one dog begging for scraps was bad… Aiden….!”

Aiden: “Sorry Babe, I’m trying to make your fossil work to access the servers for- you know never mind, the less you know rule.”

Anita: “You’re just to lazy to make the technobabble sound cool enough to impress me.”

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Rainbow Sundae 1.19



Christian waited at the door with a knife. Any moment the computerized lock would release. That would be the moment he’d rush into the room and save his sister.


Aiden shook his head. Guys like that flabbergasted him. Stone faced bastards until something clicked in them and they finally picked up momentum. He worked with a lot of guys like that. There were really only two types of people, the kind of people that were always moving and rushing into things, and the type that were still and calculating. Aiden figured he wasn’t the calculating type like Christian or Andres, so he must be the other type. He didn’t know and he didn’t really have the time to contemplate it further.

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Tutorial: Image Size Reduction in Batches

Hi there. One problem I’ve encountered in the past with WordPress is uploading pictures to the Media Library. I learned that the key to sucessful uploading is smaller image sizes with still good resolution. So I have started to shrink my images in Clip Studio Pro before uploading them. Since I can be uploading up to 80 pictures at once, I needed to find a way to reduce the images’ sizes all at once. The following tutorial will hopefully help you too to a smoother image uploading experience.

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Rainbow Sundae 1.18

Some unknown time later…

Hunter popped by. His visits were frequent. Maybe a paternal instinct told him to keep an eye on Aiden.

Aiden didn’t care. He knew Hunter from work, apparently the community leader also dabbled in funding professional thieves. So Hunter could come around all he liked and give him the stink eye. Aiden didn’t care enough to even bother putting on a shirt.

Anita didn’t bother scolding the men for acting so childish, Mint was too much of a handful to worry about that. The blue dog had knocked over a glass of water and Anita raced to mop it up.

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