Rainbow Sundae 2.19

Trigger warning: Suicide. No one is committing suicide or anything, don’t worry. Just a flippant teenager comment. Scroll past if you’re bothered by it.

It all started with a simple note: Have to tell you something. See Sandy. XOXO x7.

It didn’t take much work for Ashlynn to translate the note. He wanted to meet at Sandy’s Skate tonight at 7. Either that or he had become very girly and was sending her seven sets of hugs and kisses.

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Rainbow Sundae 2.18

Continuing from where we left off last time on Rainbow Sundae…

Ashlynn hid her face so Pepper couldn’t hear her tears.

Ashlynn: “It’s nothing.”

Pepper: “Things already over with your Space Case?”

Ashlynn: “Huh?”

Pepper: “Orion. He’s named after a constellation so he’s spacey?”

Ashlynn choked back a sob at the sound of his name.

Ashlynn: “He’s named after a comic boo–”

She started crying too much to finish the explanation.

Pepper helped her to bed, still clueless as to what happened.

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Rainbow Sundae 2.17

The shoe was on the other foot…

It was time for Ashlynn to meet Orion’s parents.

Orion wasn’t looking forward to it…


Ashlynn tried not to shuffle around in her seat. The scent of the freshly baked cookies wafted up to her nose. Orion’s father and mother stared at her with the same look people gave animals at the zoo. Curiosity and little more.

Ashlynn: “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Fraiser.”

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Rainbow Sundae 2.16


Aiden and Anita were throwing a party… as fucking always. Aiden wouldn’t become the life of the party without hosting parties. Before the party could start though, there were a few things to take care of.

Aiden: “How’s the homework coming, Pumpkin?”

Ashlynn: “Can I plead the fifth?”

Aiden: “That’s going to be a no. Let me see what you have here…”

Aiden started by trying to help her answer the questions, but after a few minutes it was obvious he was just doing all the work himself. He finished the homework and probably got a 100 on the assignment.

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Rainbow Sundae 2.13

That afternoon, the Waterside Watering Hole…


It was seven o’ clock and Ashlynn was preparing to whoop Orion’s ass at Don’t Wake the Llama.

Orion shook his head and took a seat next to Ashlynn.

Orion: “Isn’t practicing before I get here cheating?”

Ashlynn: “There’s no cheating in war.”

Orion: “You’re on, Pinky.”


Ashlynn took the first turn and the Orion the second. The first few logs went easily.


A few logs later Orion was feeling cocky.

Orion: “Look at these mad moves.”

Ashlynn: “That was a support log… I’m surprised–”

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Rainbow Sundae 2.12

We now resume our regularly scheduled program…

We begin the morning Ashlynn awakens from the strangest dream in her life…

Pepper had moved in and it had now been a month or so since she had joined the family. Ashlynn didn’t notice anything different. Pepper had been always hanging around anyway. Now she just did it in her pajamas.

Pepper whispered to Ida, but she was the sort of woman with the sort of whispers that were loud enough to hear across a room.

Pepper: “I’m ovulating, we should go try again for that baby.”

Ashlynn’s face twisted in disgust.

Ashlynn: “Gross.”

Aiden munched his breakfast of leftover turkey dinner.

Aiden: “I agree.”

Ida promised Pepper a rain check and she stormed off to do whatever it is that she did. Help Anita in the garden or something. Pepper liked doing that. Except the bees, cause they were fuckers.

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Rainbow Sundae 2.11

Ida Interlude – Part 2


Ida tried to put Pepper out of his head and Jenny helped with that. She was his lab partner and she really knew how to light a bunsen burner. And not in an academic way.


Jenny sat on the edge of the bed and ate up every word Ida said. It was refreshing. Ida chatted about his responsibilities on the student council. Jenny talked about her duties over the summer as a camp counselor. The conversation then turned to Jenny discussing the flavor of her lip gloss and if Ida would like to taste it for himself. The conversation continued with their lips and tongues in a sloppy make-out session.


Ida’s birthday rolled around not too long after. Both girls had their eyes fixed on him throughout the party. He made the mistake at laughing at one of Jenny’s flirtatious jokes and Pepper would have charred him if her deadly glare were eye beams.

He frowned. What did they want from him? Both girls left the party in a sour mood before he had even had the chance to blow out the candles on his cake.

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