Rainbow Sundae 1.30


Aiden scheduled a meeting with Andres to discuss a possible job. Anita tagged along to have an evening out in the city.

Anita: Whispering excitedly to Aiden “Can I tell him?”
Aiden: “Sure.”

Andres still behind the couple.

Anita: “Guess what?”
Andres: “I hate guess games, but alright. You discovered a new type of plant?”
Anita: “Yes, but more importantly… I’m pregnant!”

Andres grinned and clapped Aiden on the back.

Andres: “Congratulations, you two!”

Andres hugged Anita.

Andres: “Sam will be thrilled. I’ll tell her to give you a call soon.”
Anita: “Thanks.”
Aiden: “We’ll be right back, Babe.”
Anita: “Sure.”


Andres: “So that’s why you were so desperate for work.”
Aiden: “Don’t pretend you don’t get it… I wasn’t planning for this. The reserves are running low and it’s not like her garden makes much cash. And can you even garden when pregnant?”
Andres: “You’re desperate, Aiden. I don’t work with desperate men. They’re sloppy. Too focused on the pay off.”
Aiden: “I’m not desperate. I can do some straight work to pay the bills if I need to. I’m just nervous. I’m having a kid.”
Andres: “Let’s grab a beer. You need it.”
Aiden: “Nah, I’m good. I’ve got an idea and I want to say it before the nerves get me.”


Aiden: “I was thinking we could pull the Carter job.”

Andres looked over his sunglasses at Aiden. Andres’ steel colored eyes searched Aiden’s face for a hint that this was just a jest.

Andres: “The Carter job? I told you that it was impossible.”
Aiden: “You said it was possible, but just barely.”
Andres: “It is possible, but the whole job would be difficult to execute.”
Aiden: “You’ve still been working it in your head.”


Andres: “Of course I have. That’s my job.”

Anita shuffled out of the lounge as the men talked. She didn’t want to interrupt, but she had to tinkle!

Anita: “Hehe… ignore me gentlemen… just sneaking by…”


Anita: “Yup, keep on keeping on… just gonna–” escapes into potty.

They guys kept talking and politely ignored Anita.

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