Rainbow Sundae 1.32

Long before Anita and Aiden’s child was born… there was another birth in the Grofield residence…


Candy and Mint welcomed their son, Butterscotch into the world.

Butterscotch was a cute little white pup because his color hadn’t come in yet. Ya know, like Dalmatians.


It had been almost two months since Aiden left for the job. The prep and the job itself had taken five weeks. The remainder of the time had been waiting for the heat to die down to return home.


Aiden came home. Mint barely cared.


Anita cared much more.

Aiden called from the doorway and Anita emerged from the office. He grinned. She was as big as a house. She nearly dropped her salad when she saw him.

Anita: “You’re home…”
Aiden: “Did you think I wouldn’t come back?”
Anita: “I knew you’d come back if you were alive…”

Aiden wrapped his arms around her and kissed her check.


Aiden: “Babe, I’d come back even if I was a zombie.”
Anita: “I’m glad you’re not too.”
Aiden: “Me too. I couldn’t love on you if I was a zombie.”
Anita looked down shyly. Candy looked up unexpectedly.

Candy: thinking “I know there’s chicken in that salad. Give it.”


The dog finally noticed Aiden was home.


Aiden cracked open a bottle of wine and poured himself a cup. Anita of course abstained.

Aiden: “To my gorgeous wife, my beautiful unborn child, and all the cash officially in our bank accounts.”


Anita clapped enthusiastically.

Three months later…


The baby was due on the same day as the last snow of the season. The weather was already warming up, so the pair decided to make one last snowman of the year. It was a valiant effort, but it sucked.


Aiden: “Are you sure you’re not cold?”
Anita: “Nope, this baby keeps me hot like a furnace.”


Later that same night, Anita felt something unpleasant. Oh no… It was time.

Anita: “Aiiiiden..! It’s baby time.”
Aiden: “Wait what???”
Anita: “We need to go. Now.”

Aiden stormed around in preparental panic.


Aiden jogged to the taxi. Anita walked behind him at a much less quick pace. They got to the hospital just in time. The baby was eager to arrive.

08-25-19_12-24-42 PM

Anita gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. They brought him home and settled the little tyke into Aiden’s office since it was the only hospitable room other than their bedroom or the living room.

08-25-19_12-03-27 AM

Welcome to the world, Aiden Jr… or for the sake of not confusing me: Ayden with an “Y”. He’s an adorable little boy with his mother’s snow white skin and father’s pink hair. So sorry little Bud, but you’re not the heir.

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