Rainbow Sundae 1.33

Ten years later… The Grofield Residence


A lot had changed for Anita and Aiden over the last decade.

Ayden with the dogs. He’s hugging Mint. Buterscotch, the puppy, on the left all grown up. Candy on the right as an elder.
Ashlynn having an attitude over her mac and cheese. Anita looking like: I don’t give a damn, eat the mac and cheese. Butterscotch photoboming.

Ayden loved chatting up everyone he could including Grandpa Hunter.
Ayden’s best friend was a girl named Pepper Toast.
Ashlynn loved to draw and cover things in glitter, but the shaker clogged often.

They had a handsome son and then a year later a beautiful daughter. Their son grew into a charming young man that loved to socialize. Their daughter was a creative soul that loved all things artistic.


During this time, there were many ups, but the family experienced their fair share of downs…

They first lost Candy to old age…

Then a year later, they lost Mint.

(Mint always got dirty and was just dirty when he died. I swear the flies swarming around his corpse are from that!!! Also, because both Anita and Aiden were crying at the same time… It looked like the Grim Reaper told them to cover their eyes while he took their pet.)

Time moved on and many more happy memories were made… Like a spooky party with rocking costumes and a cute cat pumpkin carved by Anita.

(Seriously, this was the first time I had done a Spooky party instead of just an Incognito Costume Party and it was sooo cute…! I love Ashlynn’s Headless Horsewoman costume. And Anita just said fuck no to wearing a costume.)

(Kellie Heffner was still in my save world so she ended up as the caterer… she made soooo many cookies and a zombie cake. The kitchen is upstairs though so I didn’t notice it till after the party though. And there’s the little batman bat cookie…!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Grofield house was a lot more grandiose than the tiny air-stream that Anita had moved into all those years ago. She and Aiden had built a big modern home with lots of space for themselves and their children. The home of course had a large indoor greenhouse for her plants…

Floor 1. The children’s bedrooms. Grand entry. A parlor. An exercise room (where the dog beds are). A mud room (where the dog bowls are). An attached greenhouse (would be a garage if there were cars in this game). Two bathrooms.
Floor 2. Master bedroom with attached master bath (it’s empty, they still broke lol). Living room. Kitchen with attached dining room. Den accessible through dining room (it’s empty too, lol). Home office. Another bathroom.

Their house was just too darn awesome… They advertised their home on the city’s community boards so other people could realize if they moved out of the city they could download build a home like theirs…

(Seriously, I’ll link the house to the Gallery when I upload it.)

(And now for some cuteness…)

A sunny winter day…


Aiden: “I can’t believe you convinced me to come to the flea market with you, Old Man.”
Hunter: “I’m doing this for Anita. She says you’ve been glued to the computer for days.”
Aiden: “I can’t help it, I’m this close to– Oooh, look at that.”
Hunter: “Huh?”
Aiden: “The art lamp setup. Anita would love that!”


Hunter: “I don’t know about that.”
Aiden: “Who knows her better? Me or you?”
Hunter: “Darlin’, if you’re looking to buy her a chair with some junk on it… I might know her better.”
Aiden: “Nah, she’ll dig it. Cause the leaf thing. It reminds me of the sage sprig she gave me on our first date.”
Hunter: “Why don’t you just get her some sage then and leave the chair?”
Aiden: “Cause that’s too safe. This is an experience.”
Hunter: “As long as you’re carrying it all.”


Aiden then spied a vendor selling all sorts of toys. He scooped up some for the kids.


Aiden and Hunter finished their outing by listening to the guitarist busking on her weird broken guitar instrument.


Aiden: “Hey Babe! I’m back!”
Anita: “Hey Sweetie, did you have fun?”
Aiden: “With Hunter? Of course not.”




Aiden: “But, I did get you something…”
Anita: “You didn’t have to!”
Aiden: “But I wanted to. Give me a second, I’ll bring it in.”


Aiden had Anita cover her eyes until he brought in the display. He set it up and told her to uncover her eyes. She gasped at the setup and giggled.

Anita: “What’s this?”
Aiden: “Modern art I think.”
Anita: “Why on Earth did you buy this?”
Aiden: “Cause it reminded me of you.”
Anita: “How?”
Aiden: “Remember our first date? It was Valentine’s and you didn’t have roses, so you gave me a sprig of sage.”

Anita smiled and slid into Aiden’s arms.

Anita: “I love you so much.”
Aiden: “I love you too. Thank you.”
Anita: “For what?”
Aiden: “For giving me a home to return to. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t of fallen in love with you that night.”

He tapped her chest where her heart would be. Her smile was bright, but her eyes were watering.

Anita: “You’ll always be in my heart. Thank you for giving me love, beautiful children, and the strength to keep pursuing this crazy dream of mine.”

Aiden chuckled and wiped a tear from her cheek.

Aiden: “Don’t cry, Babe. Come on, let’s head up to the bedroom while the kids are out.”
Anita: “Sounds good.”

She runs up the stairs two at a time. Aiden at her heels.

Anita: “You know, that’s not sage on that still life.”
Aiden: “Don’t ruin the art with your garden guru stuff, Babe!”

Anita giggled the rest of the way to the bedroom.

Generation 1: The End.

Author’s notes:

That’s it for Generation one. I’m skipping ahead to Generation two because at this point in gameplay it’s gotten a little lather, rinse, repeat. The toddler stage was the usual nightmare of trying to get all their skills up to at least three… I’ve never successfully gotten a toddler to all max skills without cheating. Aiden makes a crap ton of money from his freelance programmer job when he actually does one. Like 7,000 to program a new video game. Anita makes over 5,000 a day from her garden. She was a level six or something in the gardener profession, but she only made like 360 bucks a day from it. So I had her quit. Cause even though she never physically went in to work, why waste effort on the daily task. I’ll do a lovely summary of Anita and Aiden’s skills sometime soon.

Here’s more cute pictures that I just couldn’t figure out how to add in here… Enjoy!

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