Rainbow Sundae 2.9


Ashlynn and Orion we’re moving up the ranks of spell casters. Orion was always two steps ahead in magical skill and knowledge. Ashlynn didn’t mind. She had never been the best student. When it came to magic though every new tidbit of knowledge was a joy.

Ashlynn: “And then the potion caught on fire! You should have seen that poor guy. He shrieked like a banshee.”

Orion chuckled and stroked her cheek.

Orion: “Let’s get inside. I heard there’s monsters prowling these woods.”

Ashlynn: “Not surprised. Nothing really surprises me anymore living in a crazy upside down world like this.”


They moved inside into the warmth of their barren little living room.

Orion: “So I learned a new trick.”

Ashlynn: “Really?”

Orion: “Mmm hmm.”

His fingers sparkles for a second and he pulled a rose out from thin air.

Orion: “I’m not good with mushy speeches and shit like that, but I wanted you to know how I felt.”

Ashlynn took the rose and grinned.

Ashlynn: “I love you.”

Orion smiled. His nervousness evident.

Orion: “I love you too.”

Ashlynn giggled.

Ashlynn: “Good.”


She chewed her lip thoughtfully.

Ashlynn: “You know… I’m just really not tired. Maybe I’ll have a little snack before I go to bed… alone.”

She winked and walked over to the kitchen, swaying her hips as much as she could.


Orion followed her and caught her before she opened the fridge. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed every inch of available skin.

Orion: “I want you so much.”

His voice was dark and mature. Ashlynn let of a squeak of excitement.

Ashlynn: “I want you too.”


Orion: “Shouldn’t we be worried about protection though?”

Ashlynn: “Nah, don’t worry about it, teen pregnancy isn’t coded into this save. This isn’t that kind of story.”


Time passed and their relationship grew deeper and deeper. Orion studied hard to find the answer that would lead them home.

His drive to find the solution had been intensified since now that he shared the same bed as Ashlynn… he could hear her crying in her sleep for her family.

He felt guilty. Life, for him, was better than it had ever been back home. Here he was happy with the only person that had ever made him happy. There was no pressure to be the son that his family wanted. No knowledge that his life was all planned out and that what was important to him was insignificant to them.

He’d found purpose and passion and he hated the thought of losing it… but he knew the one person that completed him was suffering and he’d rather suffer than see her hurt a day more than she had to.


Orion brought Ashlynn to the gardens.

Orion: “You look beautiful.”

Ashlynn: “Oh geez.”


They laid down to watch the stars, but all Orion could watch was Ashlynn. He committed every curve of her face to memory.

Ashlynn: “And there’s Ursula Major.”

Orion: …

Ashlynn: “Are you even paying attention?”

Orion: “Not really. Come here.”

He brought his lips to hers.


They parted lips long enough to stand and then Orion embraced her again. He was desperate with his kisses. Frenzied in his exploration of her body. She came up for air and panted.

Ashlynn: “What’s gotten into you?”

Orion: “I want to make a promise.”

Ashlynn: “What?”


Orion pulled a ring from his breast pocket and slipped it on her finger.


She looked down at her hand in shock.


Orion stroked her cheek and gazed into her eyes. The sounds of the waves splashing on the rocks serenaded them. His throat was raw. The words that he had practiced threatened to burn him alive.


Orion: “Ashlynn Grofield, I have loved you since the moment I laid my eyes on you. There’s nothing I want more than to spend the rest of eternity with you. And I promise you, I’m going to make that happen.”


Ashlynn threw her arms around him and kissed him.

Ashlynn: “I love you too. More than anything else in the universe.”


Orion pulled away from Ashlynn before he lost his nerve. He knew there was something else she loved and that she could never be happy without them. He had meant every word he said, but he knew the universe was a cruel place.

Orion: “Ashlynn, do you trust me?”


Ashlynn raised her eyebrow.

Ashlynn: “Of course I trust you.”


Orion forced himself to laugh. It was more like an aborted bark than a laugh. Ashlynn looked concerned.


Ashlynn: “Orion? What’s going on? Is something wrong?”

Orion: “I found the way home.”

Ashlynn: “Really? That’s great news!”

Orion: “Yeah…”

Orion took one last glance and her eyes. He felt himself getting lost in her gaze. He wondered what it’d feel like to wake up next to her every day of his life and to spend hours just gazing into her frosty pink orbs. He’d never know. And he knew it.


Orion took out his wand and began the incantations.

Ashlynn: “What are you doing?!”


A fuzzy glow of energy buzzed around Ashlynn. The lines between them were getting hazy. A lone tear slid down Orion’s cheek.

Orion: “Goodbye Ashlynn. I love you.”


Ashlynn’s mind was going dark and the world around her was losing focus. She wanted to yell out to Orion, but she didn’t have the voice to. The world went black and she was gone.


Ashlynn woke up in her bedroom at home. The small cozy room she had grown up in. Complete with a giant stuffed cat.


Her head felt strange. She couldn’t remember exactly what she had dreamed, but it felt so real. She wanted to cry. The pain from a loss of something she just couldn’t remember. What had her dream been about?

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