Rainbow Sunday 2.8


Life had fallen into a comfortable pattern. It was hard to tell how long they had been here…

The only thing that stuck out in the constant daze of training was their kiss.

The morning after the kiss was only slightly awkward.

Ashlynn: “So grilled cheese…”

Orion: “Yup… it’s grilled.”

Ashlynn: “I hear you can make Mac and cheese in a cauldron.”

Orion: “That’s fucking foul.”


After breakfast, Ashlynn and Orion practiced magic for a while.


Then had a duel out on the lawn.


It looked impressive.


After lunch they headed over to the magical realm for more training.

They had started to go native… dressing and acting like all the other spellcasters they encountered in their new daily lives.


They worked together at the cauldron.

Ashlynn: “Do you want me to stir?”

Orion wiped his brow.

Orion: “Nah, I got this.”

Ashlynn: “So… um…”

Orion: “Yeah?”

Ashlynn: “We haven’t talked about last night.”

Orion fell silent. The only sound was the gurgle of the big pot. He sighed.

Orion: “Forget it happened.”

Ashlynn: “Why? That was amazing…”

Orion: “Really?”

Ashlynn: “Yeah, I really like you, Orion.”

Orion: “I like you too.”

Dude Sage interrupted them.

Dude Sage: “Orion, focus less on the magic of teen romance and more on the magic of occult training.”

Orion groaned.


Dude Sage pointed at Orion’s wand.

Dude Sage: “Come on, if your dick hangs as limp as your wand, you’ll never get anywhere with Ashlynn.”

Orion: “Fuck you.”

Ashlynn meanwhile blissfully was out of earshot of that conversation.

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