Rainbow Sundae 2.14

A random snowy day…


Orion invited Ashlynn out on a date to the art museum. He thought she might like it and it was Thursday, so it was free admission.


The duo looked at a large abstract painting. They eyeballed it with suspicion.

Ashlynn: “Any clue what the fuck this is supposed to be?”

Orion: “No fucking clue. I thought you’d know, you’re the artsy one…”

Ashlynn: “My art is on the stage. The well developed art of the theater, not paint and poop smeared on a canvas…”


They ditched the exhibit and went over to the bar instead. They paid the jacked up museum prices and got a pair of root beer floats.


Ashlynn raised her hand to ward against the thought of the art they had just looked at.

Ashlynn: “Why can’t people just paint pretty pictures of I dunno… space ships or elves?”

Orion: “Wow, that’s nerdy.”

Ashlynn: “What’s wrong with elves?”


Ashlynn: “Hey! Do you think elves could do magic? Is it the same as people magic?”

Orion: “I don’t know. From what I’ve been looking into, I think all magic has the same roots…”

Ashlynn: “You mean it’s all running off the same engine? Like the master creators of the universe were too lazy to develop multiple ability systems so they just created the one and honed it for each expansion- I mean occult class? Like if the magic system was developed using the exact same system the creators used for vampires?”

Orion: “Are you sure you don’t have the geek trait?”

Ashlynn: “Nah, I just listen to my Dad ramble sometimes.”


The conversation devolved into them making goofy faces at each other.


They finished their drinks and Orion pulled Ashlynn to her feet.


Orion: “Wanna ditch and go to the skating rink?”

Ashlynn: “Hell yes.”


Little did they know things were about to get weird…


A random bitch jumped Ashlynn the moment they got off the bus in front of the rink. There was no words exchanged between the girl and Ashlynn beforehand. The bitch just jumped her.

Orion watched from the sidelines. He watched the struggle, but he knew Ashlynn was tough as nails and didn’t need help.


He took his phone out to record the fight, cause that’s just what people do nowadays.


Ashlynn whooped her ass and sent her packing. That purple guy was impressed.


Ashlynn wiggled her hips at Orion and stuck out her tongue.

Ashlynn: “I’m gonna whoop your ass at foosball harder than I whooped that random bitch. What was that about anyway?”

Orion jabbed a finger at her.

Orion: “Oh hell no. I’m not losing to you again.”

His expression turned serious.

Orion: “So you don’t know her?”

Ashlynn: “Nope. Never met her.”

Orion: “Huh, that’s weird… Let’s keep an eye out for her. In case she comes back.”


They played foosball.


Orion lost. Bad.


They chatted at a table…


And sealed their evening with a kiss.

(Hey look at the pink dude in the background… why you leggings? No thanks. No one wants to see your junk bulging out of spandex…)

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