Rainbow Sundae 2.16


Aiden and Anita were throwing a party… as fucking always. Aiden wouldn’t become the life of the party without hosting parties. Before the party could start though, there were a few things to take care of.

Aiden: “How’s the homework coming, Pumpkin?”

Ashlynn: “Can I plead the fifth?”

Aiden: “That’s going to be a no. Let me see what you have here…”

Aiden started by trying to help her answer the questions, but after a few minutes it was obvious he was just doing all the work himself. He finished the homework and probably got a 100 on the assignment.

30 minutes later…


Ashlynn: “Gosh, you look great!”

Orion: “Thanks.”

Ashlynn: “Like a sexy mob boss.”

Orion: “Less great.”


Anita and Aiden’s friends milled in as Ashlynn and Orion talked.

Andres checked out Pepper as he passed by her. He approves of thicc red girls.


Ashlynn: “So… I doubt you wanna hang out with a bunch of drunk old people. Want to see my room?”

Orion: “Sure.”


Ashlynn: “Don’t laugh okay?”


Ashlynn plopped down on her bed and Orion looked around.


Ashlynn: “So, pretty embarrassing, huh? I haven’t updated it since I was a kid.”


Orion: “It’s cute. I’m gonna document this. I’m in a cute girl’s cute room.”

Ashlynn: “You’re such a dork. I love you.”


She moved over to the same side as him.

Orion: “So, no tv in here? No computer? What do you do in here?”

Ashlynn: “Not a lot.”


Ashlynn: “But I can think of a couple things…”






Anita chatted with her friend Shale. Shale shrugged.

Shale: “Aiden sure looks cozy with those pink bitches.”

The pink bitches in question were Sam’s sister Hannah and the pianist.

Anita: “He knows vanilla ice cream is better than strawberry and if he doesn’t… I’ll let you be the violently creative one.”


The party was in full swing. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Anita in particular was enjoying the evening by reading.


Ashlynn and Orion made an appearance…


As Ida and Pepper took their leave…


Orion are some cake and watched Ashlynn dance. Aiden finished his drink.


Ashlynn came to sit down and Orion was going to sit next to her. Aiden gave Orion a knowing look.

Aiden: “I think it’s time for you to be heading home, Orion.”

Orion: “Yes Sir.”

Aiden: “Take some leftover cake. Anita made too many sweets.”

Ashlynn: “Yuuuum.”

A few weeks later…


Pepper: “Guess what?”

Ida: “Chicken butt.”

Pepper snorted at the childhood joke, but then shook her head.

Pepper: “I’m pregnant.”

A stupefied grin appeared on Ida’s face.


Aiden was in the den and so he overheard the news. He poured himself another drink. He needed it. He was going to be a grandfather. Good lord.

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