Rainbow Sundae 2.18

Continuing from where we left off last time on Rainbow Sundae…

Ashlynn hid her face so Pepper couldn’t hear her tears.

Ashlynn: “It’s nothing.”

Pepper: “Things already over with your Space Case?”

Ashlynn: “Huh?”

Pepper: “Orion. He’s named after a constellation so he’s spacey?”

Ashlynn choked back a sob at the sound of his name.

Ashlynn: “He’s named after a comic boo–”

She started crying too much to finish the explanation.

Pepper helped her to bed, still clueless as to what happened.

Some undefined time later…

Oh Pepper, you sneaky bitch. You’re just so smug. You weren’t even supposed to be in this legacy, but you go and chase down Ida the second he thinks about going out with another girl. Then you roll up the whim to have a baby the night after the wedding…

Pepper: “Shut up Mom.”

Hush you, just cause your the daughter of my Simself doesn’t mean your my kid. Now kindly go fuck off and tend to the garden or whatever. Earn your keep.

Another random jump in time later…

Aiden: “Hey Pumpkin. What’s wrong?”

Ashlynn: “Why would something be wrong?”

Aiden: “As an old business partner of mine would say: You’ve been limping ’round like a dog that got in a wolf trap.”

Ashlynn: “I don’t know what that means.”

Aiden: “I think it means you’re depressed and lethargic. If it doesn’t, that’s what I’m saying it means. What happened?”

Ashlynn: “Orion’s parents didn’t like me…”

Aiden: “Damn. Well, screw them.”

Ashlynn: “What, Dad?”

Aiden: “Your Mother would kill me for using this language with you, but this is a special case: Fuck them. They can go to Hell if they can’t see how wonderful you are, Pumpkin. I love you, your whole family loves you, and hopefully your blue boy loves you too cause he’s alright, I guess.”

Later on…

Anita: “Eat dirt!”

Ashlynn: “Aaaah! You suck Mom!”

They put the controllers down. Anita the victor.

Anita eyes Ashlynn’s dress.

Anita: “That’s adorable. Where did you get it?”

Ashlynn looks down at her outfit.

Ashlynn: “You know, I have no idea…”

Ida locked himself in his room to program because they were having company over…

Pepper’s Dad! He was impressed with his daughter’s new life and in particular their gym. Thanks my Sim Husband… that’s totally not a weird place to chat with our Sim daughter.

Almost a month or two later…

Ashlynn looked sadly at her phone. God, she missed Orion so much. They stole moments together at school. His family had informed the school that the two were not allowed to be in contact, so it was becoming increasingly hard to even get those few minutes.

She didn’t know why she looked at her phone. She knew they were monitoring his phone so he couldn’t call her, but she couldn’t help but hope.

Let’s say it’s that night…

Pepper: “Ida…!”

Twenty minutes later, upstairs…

Aiden: “We’re going to be grandparents… What’s wrong with this story?!”

Anita: “Can you imagine it? Oh I hope the baby looks like Ida has your nose and it’s so much nicer than Pepper’s.”

Aiden: “I’m serious. This story could still be about us. We’re cool and interesting. Instead we’re halfway to the grave and readers are more interested in teen dramas and nerd pregnancies.”

Anita: “Oh hush you.”

Introducing Anita and Aiden’s first grandchild…

As a toddler cause babies aren’t a real thing!

Brennen Grofield

The gym got turned into a kid’s room. Pepper’s Dad would be sad, except there was suddenly a basement to put the gym equipment in.

Anita dotes on this child more than his parents.

But here’s Pepper throwing out her back to play with her son.

Bonus pictures: Blooper real edition!

Aiden: “Now I’m the baby!”

Ida: nerdy laugh “Good one Dad!”

Me: Get down, Old Lady!

Anita: “This is my legacy and I can stand on the bed if I want!”

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