Rainbow Sundae 2.19

Trigger warning: Suicide. No one is committing suicide or anything, don’t worry. Just a flippant teenager comment. Scroll past if you’re bothered by it.

It all started with a simple note: Have to tell you something. See Sandy. XOXO x7.

It didn’t take much work for Ashlynn to translate the note. He wanted to meet at Sandy’s Skate tonight at 7. Either that or he had become very girly and was sending her seven sets of hugs and kisses.

Sandy’s Skate, 6:53PM…

Ashlynn uploaded a selfie to Simstagram.

Sandy’s Skate, 7:12PM…

Sandy’s Skate, 7:48PM…

Ashlynn cried quietly. Her face buried in her hands. He wasn’t coming. She knew it in her heart and her heart ached.

The manager tapped Ashlynn on the shoulder.

Manager: “You’re Ashlynn Grofield, right?”

Ashlynn: “…Yes? Why?”

Manager: “I have a message from your boyfriend.”

Ashlynn: “What?”

Manager: “A guy named Orion. I sure hope I got the right kid cause this message is long.”

Ashlynn frowned.

Ashlynn: “You did. What did he say?”

Manager: “He said he was sorry he couldn’t make it, but he’s on lock down. That his folks are shipping him off to boarding school up north, but don’t give up on him. Something about a promise. Listen, I don’t know. The kid was sorta rambling.”

That night, 10:39PM…

Ida eyed his sister as she laid in the snow. What was she up to?

Ida: “Ash? What are you doing?”

Ashlynn: “Trying to freeze to death.”

Ida: “That sounds like a rather bad plan.”

Ida laid down in the soft snow next to his sister.

Ida: “It’ll take a few hours for the snow to incapacitate you. Frost bite will be sooner, but death will take a while. I’ll join you.”

Ashlynn: “Don’t be stupid, you have a wife and a son.”

Ida: “The only stupid one here is you. I know you’re not really trying to kill yourself, so why are you hanging out in the snow?”

Ashlynn: “It just hurts, ya know?”

The winter meteor show was in full swing and they watched the sparks of light fly through the sky.

Ashlynn: “Did you know this meteor show is called the Geminids?”

Ida: “I did, but I’m surprised you know that. You’re typically awful in every school subject. Where did you learn that?”

Ashlynn: “Probably in a dream. One with Orion in it.”

Ida: “Ah.”

Ida stood up and pulled her up out of the snow.

Ida: “Come here.”

He pulled her into a tight hug. She was shivering.

Ida: “I know it feels hopeless now, but there’s only two things you can do: Fight for your relationship with him– I mean you are almost adults. -OR- Find a new boyfriend without evil parents. Either which way, I’ll support you.”

Ashlynn: “There’s no one else in the universe for me, except him!”

Ida: “Then there you go.”

Ida: “I’m going inside.”

Ashlynn: “I’ll be there in a second. I just want to find Orion and a few other constellations.”

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