Rainbow Sundae 3.23

A cold winter evening…


Fern: “I should sue the person who named this morning sickness… It’s 7:15 at night… Morning.”

Lorne: “It should pass by your next trimester. If not, we’ll let the doctor know.”

Fern: “What if it doesn’t? What if I’m vomiting until the baby is born?”

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Rainbow Sundae 3.21

A few weeks later…

A casual Friday morning.


Kristen: “You wanted to see me, Ms. Fraiser?”

Fern: “I reviewed your transfer request.”

Kristen: “And?”

Fern: “I’d like to discuss it. I’m glad to hear you’d like to migrate away from a professional administrative role to something in the sales team, but can you elaborate on what makes you a good candidate for the new position?”

Kristen gives her a bullshit sounding reason and Fern nods approvingly through out the discussion.

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Rainbow Sundae 3.19

A couple of weeks later…


Fern was supposed to meet her uncle for breakfast at his penthouse. She walked across the thick carpeted hallway to her uncle’s suite. Her stomach was churning. She tried to think about what she had for dinner last night.

She’d been at the office until almost eight, then came home and gotten lazy. Her dinner had consisted of microwave popcorn and a TV dinner. Did her gelatinous Salisbury steak betray her?

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Rainbow Sundae 3.18

One week, three days, and fifteen minutes later…

It was time for the thing that Fern had been dreading more than most dreadful things…


It was time for her sister’s wedding…


To her ex-boyfriend.

Fern: “Oh, for fuck’s sake…”


The happy couple would be the first Grofield’s to marry in the chapel made by her grandparents.


Fern had to admit they looked together.


She was actually shocked that they had stayed together.


Fern was fairly sure that they had only gotten together to spite her. Maybe that was a selfish thought, but hey… what can you say.


It didn’t matter. They had obviously found something in each other that resonated with each other and they were happy.


Nauseatingly happy.


Lorne had agreed to come to the wedding as her date. He watched the discomfort on his lover’s face as her sister’s nuptials progressed. So it was only logical that he do something to lighten her mood.

He grabbed a handful of streamers left over from a birthday party and threw them at Tom, then spun a noisemaker at him.


Tom: “What are you doing?”

Lorne: “Celebrating.”

Tom: “Do I know you?”

Lorne: “No.”

Tom: “Oh uh okay. Could you stop… celebrating?”

Lorne looked over at Fern and saw her laughing. Mission accomplished.

Lorne: “I suppose so.”

Lorne threw the last spool of streamers at Tom and then walked away.


Fern watched her other ex take pictures with her sister. Micah looked gorgeous. Lilac looked pretty alright.


Lorne followed Fern’s gaze.

Lorne: “That the other ex?”

Fern: “Yup.”

Lorne: “This one is hot.”

Fern: “Tom’s hot.”

Lorne: “I wouldn’t know.”


Lorne: “Your family seems nice.”

Fern: “Stereotypically so.”

Lorne: “Which ones are your parents?”

Fern points out Ashlynn and Orion. A couple that looks twenty years too young to be her parents.

Lorne: “They look good for their age. They must have had you young.”

Fern: “Mom was 47.”

Lorne: “I don’t buy that they are in their late sixties.”

Fern shrugs with a fork in her mouth.


The wedding was taken outside for refreshments after cake. Fern pretended to sway to the music, surrounded by former lovers and family she hardly talked to. Her sour mood must have been pretty obvious.

Lorne: “Wanna ditch this?”

Fern: “Definitely.”


They moved over to the swingset. It was quiet here and Fern finally felt the pressure off her chest.

Fern: “That was miserable.”

Lorne: “I believe it. You looked miserable.”


Lorne: “So do you want to finally talk about it?”

Fern: “Talk about what?”

Lorne: “Your messy past. Why your sister is marrying your ex boyfriend?”


Fern looked startled. She threw out her hands.

Fern: “It’s none of your business!”

Lorne: “You owe me an explanation, my Potted One.”

Fern snorted to avoid laughing.

Fern: “Don’t call me stupid names.”

Lorne: “I only do it because it makes you laugh.”


Lorne: “You’ll feel better if you talk about it.”

Fern sighed and hung her head.

Fern: “I dabbled at being polyamorous, but failed to tell my partners…”

Lorne: “That would explain it.”

Fern winced and looked nervous.

Lorne: “Look at me.”


The look in her eyes was timid and remorseful. Lorne stood up and wrapped her up in his embrace.

Lorne: “I’m not here to judge you. Just be honest with me, okay?”


Fern: “I will be.”

Lorne: “Am I your only partner now?”

Fern shuffled her foot in the sand and she nodded.

Fern: “Yes.”

Lorne: “Good. I’m not very fond of the idea of sharing, but I see the way you look at Micah… so if there’s still something there.”

Fern: “I don’t think there ever will be anything between us again, but thank you. So…”

Lorne: “So what?”


Fern: “Isn’t she adorable?”

Lorne shook his head.

Lorne: “I already said she was hot.”

Fern: “She’s never been with a guy before, but–”


Lorne: “Fern, don’t even try needling your ex-friend into being our girlfriend.”

Fern pouted.

Fern: “But–”

Lorne: “Leave Micah out of us.”

Fern: “Well how many of us are even going to be in–”

Lorne raised his hand to silence her.

Rainbow Sundae 3.17

Saturday, 11:37AM…


Lorne stared at his hand. Twelve hours ago this hand had touched and caressed his supervisor. She had been hurting and instead of helping her, he’d fallen victim to his own desire and had taken her. What an asshole move.

He sighed and shook his head. What was he even doing here? At this point, he had no idea. Maybe he was just here to wallow in his own guilt and dwell on the death of his career.

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Rainbow Sundae 3.15

A couple of months later…


Nial Lorne enjoyed his work. The work was challenging and the pace just frantic enough to be interesting. He had risen in this role with startling speed. His coworkers lacked vision.

The only one that had the same spark of drive and ambition was Fern, his supervisor. He had spent hours discussing business strategies with her as well as just playful banter. He found her enticing and completely frustrating at the same time. She pursued him with the same fierce tenacity she would pursue a new contract. He enjoyed letting her chase him, but he couldn’t afford to let her catch him.

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