Rainbow Sundae 4.23

There was only one person Dorian could go to for advice…

That person happened to be just a little younger than him though. Dorian would never understand how Poe could be so much wiser when he was the younger brother.


Dorian: “So have you noticed anything different about Izzy lately?”

Poe’s eyebrows lifted up and he struggled to swallow the bite of bite of breakfast. Had his dense brother finally realized that Miri’s presence threatened fragile Izzy’s self-esteem? The ball of toast refused to go down and he could only mumble.

Poe: “Mmmph?”

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Rainbow Sundae 4.18

Poe was enjoying university life. It was nice being able to be more than just Dorian’s little brother or the kid from the suburbs.


He had made a lot of friends, but he hadn’t come across anyone male or female that he had felt a spark with. That wasn’t to say he hadn’t been casually looking. The university was over filled with attractive men.

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