Rainbow Sundae 3.35

Dorian was a happy kid…


He had a toy chest full of all the toys he could want…


And an active imagination to make them come to life.


He was a smart kid that enjoyed reading.


And he had no difficulty breezing through his homework.


He had a cocky smile and knew he was special. He had heard the word tossed around by his teacher. He was a genius.


Fern: “And those are the rules of chess. I got to fix dinner, but maybe your father will play with you.”

Dorian: “Okay Mom!”


Lorne and Dorian played for a few minutes. Dorian was a clever kid and he thought he had his father beat. Lorne hid a smirk as he countered Dorian’s move.


Dorian studied the field and realized he had lost. He slapped all the pieces over in anger. Lorne cleared his throat.

Lorne: “Was that acceptable behavior?”

Dorian: “But you cheated!”

Lorne: “How did I cheat?”

Dorian: “I dunno, but you did…”

Lorne: “Dorian…”

Dorian: “I’m sorry.”

Lorne: “It’s okay. Go get ready for dinner.”

Dorian: “Yes, Sir.”


Dorian kept a journal of everything he did and learned. After dinner, he wrote down the rules of chess and his new vow to beat his Dad in it.


Later that night, Lorne tucked Dorian in for the night and gave him a goodnight kiss.

Dorian: “Night Dad, I love you.”

Lorne smiled.

Lorne: “I love you too.”

Dorian: “I’m sorry I knocked over the chess pieces. I’ll beat you for real next time.”

Lorne: “Sounds great. We can play again tomorrow.”

 Author’s Notes:

I need to play the game more and take some screenshots. I’m actually almost out of screenshots! I know. Insane. I wasn’t stalling for Discover University or anything, I’ve just been busy. In game right now Dorian is still a kiddo, so you know that means I’m pretty right up on the story.

Also, holler if you all want to see the genetic comparisons for Dorian, Matilda, and Poe now that they are all born and stuff.

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