Rainbow Sundae 4.3

We were in the park as usual…


We were learning about pirates in history. That’s when I realized it. My grandmother said that her dad, my great grandfather, had been a thief. So that means he probably had a lot of money hidden. I bet it’s hidden in this park.


This girl from class passed by…

Girl: “What ya doing?”

Dorian: “Digging.”


Girl: “Yeah, that’s weird… bye.”

I didn’t find anything. I’ll ask Aaron. His great grandfather worked with my great grandfather. He’s always talking about how he’s going to be a bank robber just like his great grandfather, so maybe he knows more.

Later that day…


We were hanging out at the monkey bars when I noticed it…


Poe was in one of his low moments.


I always keep an eye on my brother and sister, because they need me. I don’t mind. I’m happy to be there to cheer them up or pick them up if they fall down.


Dorian: “Feeling better?”

Poe: “I am, thanks.”

Dorian: “Wanna talk about it?”

Poe: “There’s nothing to talk about. Just depressed.”

I frowned. I can’t imagine what it’d feel like to just be sad for no reason. I can think of being sad cause I lost a fight or in a video game, but not just cause. I feel bad for my brother, so I gotta try to cheer him up more.


Dorian: “Hey Izzy!”

Izzy: “Yeah?”

Dorian: “Wanna year a joke?”

I wiggled my eyebrows at Poe.


Dorian: “What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?”

Izzy: “I don’t know!”

Dorian: “Frost bite!”

Izzy burst out into laughter and the corners of Poe’s mouth turned up in a faint smile.


Izzy flagged over another girl from school. She had the same depressed look about her. Her name was Brynn and she could use a few jokes too. I noticed Poe looking at her with a strange look. I guess it was like the looks I gave Miri.

Kai got sick…


Dorian: “Dad! I think Kai’s sick…”

Lorne: “He’s not usually blue…”


Dad took him to the vet and fixed him all up.

While the kids were at school…





The next month…


Fern: “Oh crap… I’m lame, I’m very late for a very important date.”


Fern: “Mr. Lorne, you still have it.”


Lorne: “Have what?”


Fern: “I think I’m pregnant.”

Lorne: “What… Oh Fern. This is great news.


The moment they realized they would have another toddler… existential crisis.


Lorne: “It’ll be nice to have another little one. Dorian is going to be starting high school soon.”


Fern: “We’re going to need to remodel the second floor for another kid.”

Lorne: “Oh fuck.”

Fern: “Yup.”

Author’s Notes:

Risky woohoo strikes again! Do you two even bother with contraceptives?

In other topics… Poe is so cute! Have you all noticed his little pointed ears? I have no idea why he has them, but I love it!

6 thoughts on “Rainbow Sundae 4.3

    1. That’s crazy. Mine is set at 5% and it strikes all the time… it’s nuts. Another simmer I follow has hers at 20%, so… lots of oopsie babies.

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      1. Oh cheese and crackers! When I was first fiddling with it I know I adjust the try for baby percentage, then quickly set it back on default when all my sim girls were sad they didn’t get pregnant!

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