Generation 1-4 Sketch Cards

Hey everyone! I know, it’s been pretty quiet in here. Things will pick back up soon. Right now I’m enjoying playing through toddler stage Cristal with Dorian finishing up his degree. Cute stuff… I’ll share pictures soon.

But on to the meat and potatoes of this post… I have completed the sketch cards of each one of the generations so far.

Generation One:

Anita Grofield



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Rainbow Sundae 4.34

Dorian was devastated. His life was in shambles.

He had cheated on the one woman that had been there for him through thick and thin. His betrayal had sent her packing.

The woman that he had cheated with had torn at his heart strings. Drenching up feelings that he thought were dead and gone. Before he could talk to her and bury those misguided feelings, she was dead. Dead at the hands of her husband’s lover.

The situation had turned worse. The husband spurned the lover for the murder and that sent the lover even further over the edge. She turned on the husband and in the scuffle, the husband murdered his lover. In one final act of guilt and remorse, the husband killed himself rather than live with the shame of what had transpired.

Dorian and his brother, Poe, had been witness to the whole mess. The cops weren’t sure how the brothers were involved, but it was a long while before their innocence was proven. It helped that their mother was now head of the City’s council, having ousted her uncle from his seat and rising up the ranks.

Dorian’s decision to keep the child of his deceased childhood friend and former lover was met with minimal objections. The City could not find any information about the child’s father. He wasn’t from their City and the mega cities did not share records, so there was no data to go off of. Dorian’s family was concerned, but supportive. They weren’t sure if the lazy son could raise a grieving toddler, but they would be there for him no matter what.

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