Generation 1-4 Sketch Cards

Hey everyone! I know, it’s been pretty quiet in here. Things will pick back up soon. Right now I’m enjoying playing through toddler stage Cristal with Dorian finishing up his degree. Cute stuff… I’ll share pictures soon.

But on to the meat and potatoes of this post… I have completed the sketch cards of each one of the generations so far.

Generation One:

Anita Grofield



Aiden Adams


Generation Two:

Ashlynn Grofield


Orion Fraiser


Generation Three:

Fern Grofield


Nial Lorne


Generation Four:

Dorian Grofield


*NOTE: This CAS Image of Dorian comes from my work on the family tree. So this was just him aged up to a Young Adult and given a makeover. Same features, different look.

Bonus Work In Progresses!

Isabella “Izzy” Georges


Miriam “Miri” Vetica


6 thoughts on “Generation 1-4 Sketch Cards

    1. I’m glad you like them!

      Thanks for reminding me about the tree. I went ahead and updated it. Refreshed the pictures that were inaccurate too. Whoo boy… I’ll make a post of it to show the difference. 😀

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