Rainbow Sundae 4.43

Finally home!


The train ride from Selvedora to West City was hell. Aaron was glad that was the last time he’d have to take it. Maybe if things were like before the collapse, then it’d be different. Sitting in a tin can and having it fly over the hundreds of miles of wasteland would be pleasant. Instead, he was subjected to a long uncomfortable ride on a train bumping over tracks that had been constructed before the collapse. Absolute hell.

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Rainbow Sundae 4.42

Things were quiet now that their days weren’t spent planning tomb raiding. They would be leaving in a week…


Matilda was bored. She had spent so much of her time on solving the mysteries of the ruins that now that she was done, she had no idea what to do.

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Rainbow Sundae 4.39

Life was subjective for more organisms. For Orlando, it was a complex series of calculations that simulated randomness and free will.


This was not to say he did not enjoy his existence. He enjoyed it very much and was thankful to his mother, Sienna, and father, Cameron, for building him. If it weren’t for them, he’d never know the joys of thumping Selvadoradian music or the intricacies of subtle wordplay. He supposed he actually wouldn’t know anything since he wouldn’t exist. His dive into philosophy actually made him laugh and further thank his lucky stars that he existed.

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