Rainbow Sundae 4.39

Life was subjective for more organisms. For Orlando, it was a complex series of calculations that simulated randomness and free will.


This was not to say he did not enjoy his existence. He enjoyed it very much and was thankful to his mother, Sienna, and father, Cameron, for building him. If it weren’t for them, he’d never know the joys of thumping Selvadoradian music or the intricacies of subtle wordplay. He supposed he actually wouldn’t know anything since he wouldn’t exist. His dive into philosophy actually made him laugh and further thank his lucky stars that he existed.


Orlando: “Hola Manuel! ΒΏCΓ³mo estΓ‘s?”

This town was the lifeblood of the region. Any supplies that the team needed could be procured here. It was Orlando’s job to communicate with the locals and procure what they needed for their exploratory missions.


Manuel: “Robot. You are looking shiny today. Come for more liquor for the big guy?”

Orlando: “No, I’d rather not let Dorian partake in any more of your mezcal. His tears make me uncomfortable.”


Orlando projected a list in the air in front of the shop keeper. The man reviewed the list and made little sounds as he mentally ticked off the items.

Manuel: “I’ll have it by tonight and delivered to your villa tomorrow.”

Orlando: “Thanks Friend!”


Orlando started the journey back to the villa when he heard a voice call out to him.


It was Ameda, the woman that Dorian called Mariposa. Orlando projected a smile onto his face, but the expression the woman gave him was not exactly a return smile.

Ameda: “Dorian didn’t visit my stall today.”

Orlando: “He was working on a project with his daughter.”

Ameda: “I thought he’d be in the temple ruins. Or has he already unlocked all there is to know?”

Orlando would have liked to have a face that was not an electronic display. If he had a face like a human he could have expressed the tinges of suspicion he felt. Had Dorian really told this strange woman what their explorations were about? Or was there something else at play?

Orlando: “No, too wet to explore. I must be going. My circuitry doesn’t like this weather.”

Somewhere not too far away…


Poe: “Come on now… who’s a good kitty? Beg for the treat.”

He laughed in delight and gave the stray a chunk of fish before heading home.

At home…


Poe: “I made ceviche and you choose to eat children’s cereal.”


Aaron: “Isn’t ceviche raw fish?”

Poe: “It’s fish purified of bacteria by being cured with lime juice!”

Aaron: “Yeah, I’m still gonna pass on that.”

A little later…


Poe: “Come on… answer…”

The video call connected and he heaved a happy sigh.


Poe: “Hey Babe. Can you believe that Aaron didn’t want to try my ceviche?”

Valentino: “Are you still harping on that? It’s been hours.”

Poe: “It’s just ridiculous, you know.”

Valentino: “Isn’t this the same guy that gets drunk and hits on guys? He’s a hot mess.”

Poe: “You’re right…”


Poe: “You know I miss you right?”

Valentino: “I miss you too. So does your Mom… I don’t know how she got my number, but she called me to tell me to call.”

Poe: “I’m going to die… Just death by embarrassment. I’m sorry!”

30 minutes later in the living room…


Matilda was excited. She was always excited when she talked to Orlando. He was the only one that could keep up with her tangents, with her intellect, with her in general.

Poe and Aaron sat on the opposite couch. They heard the words that Matilda and Orlando said, but it was just gibberish. Their friends were discussing matters too mathematical and frankly boring to try to understand.


Matilda: “And I think if we take another look at the symbol, I might be able to backwards engineer the pattern and we’ll solve the problem.”

Orlando: “Wonderful idea! You’re lovely when you come to solutions.”

Matilda giggled.

Matilda: “Don’t say things that would overheat my processor.”


Aaron: “Dude, is your sister hitting on a robot?”

Poe: “I think the robot started it.”

Aaron: “You wanna leave them to it?”

Poe: “Yeah.”


Orlando: “I want to save your image to my data banks so I can always remember you.”

Matilda: “Don’t be silly, I know you have my every detail already downloaded.”

Orlando: “Does that matter, I want to gaze upon you.”


Matilda smiled and settled back down on the couch. Her heart thumped in a strange way. She often wondered if love was a biological thing. Just a serious of random chemicals that exploded in a sequence to convince people to mate. Or was it something more metaphysical? She didn’t believe in pseudoscience or fate, but there was something more than just chemicals that made her heart race when Orlando sat down next to her.

Orlando: “You are the most beautiful woman in the world, Matilda. My databanks are filled to the brim with collections of human knowledge and a database of human figures both living and dead. Your image is the most stunning out of them all.”

Matilda laughed until she snorted.

Matilda: “I didn’t know you were programmed to be so cheesy.”

Orlando: “You are well aware the my programming is just a highly developing learning algorithm that has enabled me to formulate a rough approximation of a human personality. So this is all me.”


Matilda: “Would you be able to understand what I meant if I told you that I love you?”

Orlando: “I would.”

Matilda: “I love you, Orlando Fletcher.”

Orlando: “I love you, Matilda Grofield.”

Orlando was very glad at this moment he was created. Matilda was glad too.

Author’s Notes:

Happy New Year’s everyone! ❀ Uh, that’s literally all I have to say. I guess I can say I have a few chapters worth of screenshots, so expect some updates! Guess the hiatus is over! That’s pretty happy. Love you all! Byes!

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