Rainbow Sundae 4.40

Once the rain cleared up, it was time to get down to business…

Back to the ruins…


Orlando: “Shouldn’t we wait for Aaron?”

Dorian: “If we did, we’d be waiting till sunset and then he’d tell us we better pack it up for the night.”

Orlando: “All too true…”


Orlando: “Oh fascinating! A fruit bearing specimen of the passionis fructum! Let me analyze this sample.”

Dorian: “Sure thing, I’m going to take a dip while you do that.”

Orlando: “That will be fine–”


Orlando: “Wait! You shouldn’t swim in this old bath! What if there are some sort of flesh eating micro-bacteria in that? My Creator would be angry if I let you die!”

Dorian: swim swim swim.

A little later…


Orlando: “Would you like my assistance?”

Dorian struggling to push the lid back.

Dorian: “That’s okay, Buddy, I got it…”

Dorian took a deep breath and gave it another shove.



Aaron finally arrived and it was time to start the pulmonary exploration of the ancient temple…


Aaron: “I bet the place is haunted…”

Orlando: “That’s nonsense. There’s no such thing as ghosts.”

Dorian: “I didn’t think there were sentient robots capable of canoodling my sister, but here you are.”

Orlando: “My love for your sister is purely emotional. There is need for canoodling.”

Aaron: “Well feel free to send her my way if she needs some canoodles.”

Dorian: “Do it and you’re dead.”

Aaron: “Then I’ll haunt this temple happy.”


A beeping sound emerged from Orlando and cut their insipid conversation short. Orlando’s eyes narrowed as he accepted the call from Matilda.

Matilda: “Hey guys! How’s it look– wait, you aren’t even in yet?”

Dorian: “Someone decided to take the scenic route here.”

Aaron: “Don’t blame me. You’re the one who decided to skinny dip in the skank pool.”

Matilda: “You slept with someone out there?! Ewwww!”

Orlando: “Aaron is referring to the particularly filthy ruins of a royal bath.”

Matilda gasped.

Matilda: “What if there’s micro–”


Dorian: “Okay, enough of that Baby Sister. You ready on your end for some puzzle solving?”

Matilda: “I was born ready!”


Orlando: “Excellent! I will guide the way!”

Author’s Notes:

I have no sentences for these… but they are pretty self explanatory…

The trio made their way into the temple…








πŸ”₯ 🌭




🦴 πŸ“–


🦴 😊


Dorian pulled a lever and they heard the door to the inner chamber finally open… The temple was finally open to them!

Bonus Pictures:


“Get on your bike and ride.”


That can’t be comfortable.


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