Rainbow Sundae 4.41

Sometime not too long after the first gate of the ancient temple had been unlocked, Matilda and Orlando took through the jungle together….


Orlando: “Matilda, you are the most brilliant creature I’ve ever encountered. The sight of you makes my circuitry hum in ecstasy.”

Matilda giggled.

Matilda: “If your boards are humming, then you should probably run some diagnostics!”


Orlando laughed. It was a strange thing to hear a robot laugh. It was a metallic tin like sound, but it was a real laugh.

Matilda closed her eyes as Orlando’s hand ran along her cheek. It was warm. Everything in the jungle ran hot. Especially metal. The warmth just wasn’t from his metal form, it was from the gentle love she could feel radiating from the touch.

Matilda: “Orlando…”

Orlando: “Yes?”


Matilda: “I wanted to talk to you about marriage. It’s a ceremony to unite us as lovers for life and–”

Orlando: “There’s no need for you to explain, all you have to do is ask me.”

Matilda: “Will you marry me?”


Orlando: “Yes.”


Some time later…


It was time to enter the inner chambers of the temple.


Matilda came with. There was no way she was going to miss this. All the years of work were coming down to this!


Orlando: “Oh dear, my arm feels squeaky.”

Matilda: “I’ll check the joint. One sec.”


Dorian was studying the inscriptions on the stone wall, while Matilda was checking Orlando’s overall durability. Aaron came down from where he was inspecting a corridor. He coughed.


Aaron felt itchy all over. It was this damn temple. He coughed again and scratched his skin.

Aaron: “So Matty, what’s supposed to be in this dust box anyway?”


Dorian chimed in.

Dorian: “No one knows. The buried treasures of dead kings.”

Aaron: “So we could be on a goose chase.”

Dorian: “Would a goose chase be sending home thousands of dollars to Lil’ and the kids?”

Aaron: “Very true. Very profitable goose eggs.”


Matilda: “You guys are awful, we’re here to discover our ancient history.”

Dorian: “I like history, but it’s nice we get paid for this. I’m almost done figuring out this puzzle–”

Aaron: “I’m pulling the lever.”

Dorian: “Wait!”


Everyone paused. They were doomed. Aaron had killed them hadn’t he?


Or the doorway opened with a click.

Aaron: “Ah yeah! Fuck long term strategies! Pull things!”


Dorian: “You could have killed us.”

Aaron: “But I didn’t, so that’s a plus. Let’s go.”


So they did. (In the most awkward way possible. Good job guys.)


All their research and effort had come down to this…


Dorian pulled out the glowing McGuffin and gazed at it. It was fantastic and completely integral to the plot without having any true purpose at all.


Dorian grinned at his family.

Dorian: “We better get this home. We’ll celebrate on the way out.”


Dorian, Matilda, and Aaron celebrated their discovery with champagne. It felt good to finally have found the treasure housed in the dusty old ruins.


Elsewhere, Orlando was startled by a stranger’s voice calling out to him. He turned to see a skeleton amble over.

Orlando: “What? This is impossible… Human remains can’t walk!”

???: “This place is my grave and soon it will be yours!”

Orlando: “How can a skeleton seem obese?”

???: “I’m not fat! I’m just big boned!”

Orlando: “Oh.”


Orlando scanned the skeleton to further study it.

???: “Hey! Cut that out. It tickles!”

Orlando: “It can’t tickle, it’s just light particles.”

???: “Well, I haven’t seen light since I’ve been alive. So everything tickles.”

Orlando: “That makes no sense.”


Matilda, Dorian, and Aaron finally made their way to the chamber where Orlando talked to the skeleton. Matilda saw the skeletal figure and stared in shock.


Dorian walked on by. He had obviously inhaled way too much grave dust and was hallucinating. He had better get home before Cristal was left without any parents.

Orlando: “So what can I call you, Skeleton?”

???: “My name is Pierre.”

Orlando: “Pleasure to meet you, Pierre the Skeleton. I’ll research your situation and see I can find a way to free you of this temple if you choose not to assist in the deaths of my human family.”

Pierre: “Sounds good to me. Thanks Mate.”

That evening…


Poe: “Great job Guys! So what’s the plan now?”

Dorian: “Aaron’s going to take the artifact back home while we pack up the last few things down here. Then it’s back to Willow Creek once and for all.”

Poe: “Thank God. No offense, but I have some unfinished business waiting for me back in the City.”

Aaron: “Wanting to go and finish off your boyfriend isn’t business.”

Poe: “You are foul sometimes, Aaron.”

Aaron: “You’d still do me if I gave you the word.”

Poe: “Fuck you.”

Aaron: “Maybe tonight as a going away present.”

Dorian: “Please shut up.”


Matilda: “I’ll pick up the plates before I have to hear more of Aaron’s vulgarities.”

Aaron: “You know you’re just jealous, Sweetness.”

Matilda snorted.

Dorian cleared his throat.

Aaron: “Don’t worry. You’re siblings’ purity is safe and sound. I have a hot red head waiting for me at home.”


Dorian: “Did you already call Lilith?”

Aaron: “Nah, I thought I’d surprise her and the twins.”

Matilda: “You should throw them a surprise party!”

Poe: “How would he do that? He’s the one going home. They’re already going to be there.”

Dorian: “Just stick with some flowers and candy. We’ll throw a party for everyone when we get up there.”


Cristal peeked her head in the room and sat down at the table.

Cristal: “We’re gonna have a party?”

Matilda: “When we get home to Willow Creek.”

Cristal: “But isn’t this home?”

Aaron: “Okay, I’m out before I have to sit through this discussion. Bye all.”


Aaron shared hugs with all of his friends. Dorian gave him one last hug. No matter what had transpired between Dorian and Izzy, it could never mar the friendship the two men shared.


Aaron tossed his bags in the car, but kept the artifact on him. It was simply too valuable to trust to chance. He heaved a sigh and left the villa for the last time. It had been too many years of going back and forth between his home in the City to this god forsaken jungle just to provide his family a living.


As he left the house, he wondered if this was how his great grandfather had felt. Tired and weary from one job, but at the same time excited to find out what the next job would be. Nah… From the stories, his granddad had been cool as a cucumber and only interested in the job at hand. Aaron figured he might instead have been like his great grandmother, a little bit on the fiery side and quick to get on their teammate’s nerves, but indispensable.

Yeah, that suited him better. Was Dorian and his siblings anything like their great grandfather? Aaron had no idea and he didn’t really give a rat’s ass.

Aaron chuckled to himself and headed towards the car that would lead him home.

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