Rainbow Sundae 4.42

Things were quiet now that their days weren’t spent planning tomb raiding. They would be leaving in a week…


Matilda was bored. She had spent so much of her time on solving the mysteries of the ruins that now that she was done, she had no idea what to do.


She picked up the circuit board for her latest project. The last upgrades to her aero recon drone would bring her creation to life. She had just installed the software to begin the sentience process. The memory upgrade would give the tiny robot enough space to learn and develop, but there was no way it had the processing power to compare to Orlando. What had Sienna done?


Alma let herself in. She had been over almost every day since Aaron had left.


Dorian was pleased. He finally had the chance to get to know her. They sat out in the courtyard and enjoyed the afternoon breeze.


Alma: “So you’re leaving soon?”

Dorian: “Next week.”

Alma: “Then that means you found the treasure…”

Dorian: “We mapped out the whole temple.”


Cristal came up to the group.

Cristal: “Dad, can you take me to town? I wanna get some beads from the market… I told Uncle Aaron I’d make bracelets for the twins.”

Dorian: “That sounds great. Sorry, my Mariposa–”


Alma: “Wait, why the rush. The market will be open till sunset. We should share a drink to celebrate! I brought wine.”


Dorian: “That’s really thoughtful of you. Is it okay with you, Cristal? We’ll leave soon.”


Matilda finished the upgrades and made her way outside.

Dorian: “We were about to have a drink. You want one?”

Matilda: “No thanks… I hate how loopy alcohol makes me feel.”

Alma: “Not even a drink? It’s pretty rude–”

Dorian: “She doesn’t want any. I’ll drink her share.”


Dorian took the first drink. He looked over at his drinking companion and smiled. She was so lovely.

Alma’s eyes couldn’t seem to meet his.

Dorian drained the cup and put his hand on her lap.

Dorian: “I’m gu-lad… geh lad…? Happ-eeee… Why is mah head spinn–”

Dorian stood up and stumbled to the door to the house. What was going on? The wine didn’t seem strong enough to affect him this quickly.


He fell onto the sofa in the living room and tried to shout out to Poe, but his words were a slurred roar.


Sleep fell over him like a blanket and he felt himself falling.


Darkness swallowed Dorian up and it didn’t even feel like sleeping. It felt like death.


Matilda ran in the living room. Alma had told her it would be the easiest if she drank the wine too. Matilda has instead chose to run.


Dorian was asleep. At least, Matty hoped he was just asleep. She watched his barrel chest rise and fall. Thank god!

Matilda: “Dorian! You idiot! Wake up!”

It was no use. Whatever drugs were in the wine were already at work.

Where were Poe or Orlando when you needed them?!

There was only one shot…


Matilda powered on her robot. The tiny fan whirred to life. He was still untested, but his design was sound.


The little robot came to life. His eyes scanned the room and located his creator.

???: “I am Polygon, how can I be of help.”

Matilda: “Poly! I need you to record a message and get help!”

The message was recorded and the little droid zoomed away.


He darted into the night sky with the feverish plea of his Creator burning in his memory cores.


He rushed past Orlando would had been forcibly shut down and left outside.


Off to the only person that could help!


Alma escorted Cristal inside. She was taking no joy from holding the Grofield against their wills, but her employers wanted the sacred artifact and the Grofield’s were the ones that had been dumb enough to do the work of recovering them for her. Still… it was a shame she had to be apart of the roughing up of be people as nice as the Grofield’s.


Upstairs, Poe had heard the shouts and had locked himself in Matilda’s room. It was too late though, they had already destroyed her computer. What chance did they have at finding help now?

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