Rainbow Sundae 5.2

Aurora laid the last stroke down on her canvas and looked over at Cristal.


She had been proud of the piece she had been working on, but her heart sank as she saw her sister’s work in progress. The color palette was refreshing and the attention to detail brought the work to life.

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Rainbow Sundae 5.0

Isabella Lorne had always wanted to have a family. She had envisioned her home filled with children and laughter. Try as she might, she only had one child with her husband… a little girl named Aurora.

That’s not to say that Aurora was the only child in the house. Isabella loved her husband’s adopted daughter, Cristal, as much as her own flesh and blood. However, Izzy was saddened to know that she might never see the house overfilled with cute little copies of her and Dorian. Izzy had more than enough love for five children, but alas she only had two.

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Thought Experiments and Gen 4 End Notes

So we’ve reached the end of Generation 4. I’m going to be picking up after a time skip with Generation 5. She was just born in my game today, but I have plans for her. Don’t worry.

So wrapping things up…


Izzy and Dorian did get together after the big fiasco in Selvadorada. Izzy had hoped that the fire the burned within her for Dorian had died, but she couldn’t help it… she still loved the big ox. Dorian had never really gotten over Izzy and was desperate to make things right. They tripped and they stumbled, but maybe they could make things work.

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Rainbow Sundae 4.44

Author’s Notes: Hi there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Yeah, I know. Well, we’re finally back with the conclusion to this storyline! I just wanted to thank everyone for sticking with me and that I appreciate every person that takes the time to read this story. I love you all. Alright, I’ll shut up now…

The air was thick and hot. The cell was dirty and cramped. How long had he been stuck here?

Mariposa made an effort to talk to him, but the sound of her voice brought bile to his mouth. He didn’t give a rat’s ass about her excuses or her blubbering apologies.

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