Rainbow Sundae 5.24

So here we are back at my wedding ceremony…

Aurora 10_049

I will totally say that Austen and I look really fucking hot today, so that’s something. We’re probably the sexiest people to get married in this old chapel.

Things went normal at first. We chatted with our family and Amy, then we headed to the alter. That’s when shit went south.

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Tiny Homes!

I will admit it. I love the tiny homes pack. It’s a fun little challenge. So I’ve made several now for Aurora. I thought I’d go ahead and share them!

So I plopped down the cabin in Newcrest cause that’s a whole lot easier to take pictures of. This cabin was originally Hindquarter Hideaway. The cabin was also oriented along the longer width, but not really many lots are situated that way, so I adjusted it for the upload.

We start with the junky murder shack:


The most creepy of creep houses.

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Rainbow Sundae 5.22

Within a couple of days after Austen proposed to Aurora, the couple found a ride that would take them all the way down to Willow Creek…

Aurora 9_058

Austen: “Are you ready?”

Aurora: “Hell no. I’m scared as fuck.”

Austen: “There’s nothing to be scared of. They are your parents, they love you.”

Aurora: “You’re a pretty decent liar. What about your parents? Are they still going to love you?”

Austen: “Eh… Mom is going to be pissed for a while, but it’s not like she didn’t know this was coming. It’s not goodbye forever. We’ll see them soon enough, but enough stalling.”

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Rainbow Sundae 5.21

Austen finished up repairing the sink and headed into the living area…

Aurora 10_006

Emily was asleep again. Aurora looked at him with a strained expression. Her smile was fake and there was something strange in her eyes.

Austen wasn’t surprised given the conversation she had just had with his mother. He kept up his poker face.

Austen: “You ready?”

Aurora: “… Yeah.”

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Aurora’s Build – The Nightclub

I was actually proactive and made Aurora’s build before she’s even thought it up! It’s a nightclub that I will be putting her artwork in as time goes along.

You can find it on the Gallery under the ID: TheYayToast.

Yes, you get a sneak peek of their makeovers for Young Adult. I don’t think that really spoils anything except that Aurora ditches the grandma skirt.

Also more Rylan! He apparently became a bartender. I’m good with this.

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Dorian’s Build- The Museum

So I finally got around to building the lot for Dorian’s generational goal. That means there is now a non-residential lot in Willow Creek aside from the park. There is now a museum!

Dorian wouldn’t be bothered to come up with a better name and I just plain couldn’t… so the name of the lot is: Museum of History and Art.

Oh yeah! I also finally updated Ashlynn and Orion’s home, Essence of Thyme. It’s fully furnished.

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