Rainbow Sundae 5.20

Aurora was feeding Emily when Austen got out of the shower.

Austen: “You seem a little more… chilled out lately. How you feeling?”

Aurora: “Better… I guess I realized that you’re right. She has to love me cause I’m the only one that can give her breakfast.”

Austen: “Aurora… she loves you for more than that.”

Aurora laughed.

Aurora: “I know. She smiles at me sometimes.”

Austen: “She has a beautiful smile.”

Aurora: “She does. She must take after either my parents or yours… cause neither of us know how to smile.”

Austen laughed.

Austen: “You smile when you get your way.”

Austen went to grab a shirt and he felt himself smiling.

Aurora: “Are you actually smiling?”

Austen: “I do that sometimes.”

Aurora: “What’s got you smiling?”

Austen: “You. Emi… I don’t know. Fuck, do I have to explain this shit?”

Aurora: “Fuck, I thought I was supposed to be the only one with hormones making me a weepy bitch.”

Austen: “Oh fuck you. You’ve at least still got the bitch part nailed in.”

Aurora: “I love you, you big green asshole.”

Austen: “I love you, Spoiled Princess.”

It was now Valentine’s Day because don’t think too hard on it, it’s still the Sims…

Austen: “Before Mom gets here, I wanted to give you a V-Day present.”

Aurora: “Our first Valentine’s Day together. It’s crazy… Giving me a V-Day present after you ripped up my V-Card.”

Austen and Aurora both laughed like idiots.

The present was some flowers that went in a vase.

A little while later Mila arrived.

Mila: “Hey Sweetie. So what are you and Austen doing today?”

Aurora: “No clue. Thanks for watching Emi.”

Mila: “You don’t have to thank me. I love spending time with her.”

Mila: “Is she sleeping through the night?”

Aurora: “Sorta? She’s getting a better pattern I guess.”

Mila: “How are you holding up? Cause honestly, you look awful?”

Aurora felt a pang in her chest. Did she really look awful?

Aurora: “I’m just tired, Momma. Emi takes a lot out of me and even when she is asleep… it’s hard for me to sleep. I dunno.”

Mila: “It’ll get better. It always does.”

Emily started to cry and Aurora got up to check on her.

Mila: “I want you and Austen to know that I’m here for you. You two are just kids yourselves.”

Aurora changed Emily’s diaper. She frowned. She wasn’t a kid. She was seventeen now. Her birthday had passed without a word.

That might not make her an adult in the eyes of Austen’s mother, but she was mature enough to have reproductive organs that could bear children and she was enough of an adult to have managed to care for Emily so far… so that had to count for something.

She cradled the tiny child in her arms and gave her a tiny smile before putting her back down.

Aurora: “Thanks for everything, but you don’t have to treat us like dumb kids. We’re doing alright.”

Mila: “I didn’t mean to make you feel like children, but your both– what am I even arguing? You are a child! Austen is seventeen years old and you can’t be any more than that. I’m worried sick about having the two of you out here by yourselves and with a baby!”

Aurora: “Just stop! I don’t want to hear it. We are doing just fine–”

Mila: “Aurora, please! I’m just trying to help. I love you both so much and I know how hard this is! You two should be starting your lives, not raising a baby.”

Aurora: “Yeah, well… like you pointed out when I first admitted I was pregnant: Austen and I are idiots that should have used protection, but we didn’t and so we have to deal with the consequences.”

Aurora shook her head.

Aurora: “Wait, I didn’t mean to call Emi a consequence.”

Mila: “I know you love Emily, I know you do… but I want to make an offer.”

Aurora raised her eyebrow.

Mila: “Let me take her. You and Austen deserve the chance to live your lives. She’ll be safe with me and Austen’s Dad.”

What little color there was in Aurora’s face drained.

Aurora: “What?”

Mila: “Let me raise Emily. You’d be able to visit her whenever you want, I’m not keeping her from you, but I just want to do what’s right for all three of you.”

Aurora sounded shrill, her words weren’t words. Emily wailed in response.

Mila: “Just think about it, Sweetie.”

Aurora tuned out the words and focused on her crying daughter.


Austen had been repairing a sink in the bathroom. He knew that his mother had been talking to Aurora. The cabin’s walls were thin enough that he heard every word. He doubt led that Aurora or his mother realized that though.

He sighed and tucked the knowledge of the conversation away in his back pocket.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Sundae 5.20

    1. She’s so young and has so much ahead of her. Mila means the best. I don’t know if she has introduced the idea to Aurora in a very good way… maybe she should have started seeing if that was an option before the baby was born. But it’s really not an easy decision for Austen and Aurora.


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