Dorian’s Build- The Museum

So I finally got around to building the lot for Dorian’s generational goal. That means there is now a non-residential lot in Willow Creek aside from the park. There is now a museum!

Dorian wouldn’t be bothered to come up with a better name and I just plain couldn’t… so the name of the lot is: Museum of History and Art.

Oh yeah! I also finally updated Ashlynn and Orion’s home, Essence of Thyme. It’s fully furnished.

Both are on the Gallery under the ID: TheYayToast

Incoming pic spam:

03-21-20_12-07-00 AM03-21-20_12-07-26 AM03-21-20_12-07-46 AM03-21-20_12-07-59 AM03-21-20_12-09-05 AM03-21-20_12-09-53 AM03-21-20_12-10-04 AM03-21-20_12-10-13 AM03-21-20_12-10-22 AM03-21-20_12-10-29 AM03-21-20_12-10-37 AM

Yes, that is Rylan (one of my submissions for Queenarella’s Bachelor/ette Legacy Challenge) acting as our very bored tour guide.

Also… I have been updating the site and taking some cute pictures of Aurora and Austen. Here ya go!

03-17-20_7-19-47 PM03-17-20_7-31-49 PM

Okay, cute might be the wrong word. Weird and bitchy. Also sexy, but weird.

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