Rainbow Sundae 5.23

Probably a year or so later…

Aurora 10_041

I picked a red dress. I figured there was no way in hell I had any right to be in a white dress.

I just didn’t expect I wouldn’t be the only one rocking an unexpected dress. For some strange reason, my now brother-in-law was wearing a grass skirt. What the fuck.

Aurora 10_042

Brayden: “I’m sorry, Austen.”

Austen: “It’s fine, Dad.”

Andrew: “Dad! This is the traditional attire of the Sulani people.”

Brayden: “… Okay.”

Yeah, that’s Emi. She’s gotten huge. Her hair is doing that weird shit that happens to some of us. The chromatic dismorph- oh fuck if I can remember the phrase. But her hair changes colors a lot.

Aurora 10_043

Amy: “What’s up with Austen’s brother?”

Aurora: “No clue… but I’m so pissed that I’m struggling to keep this smile on straight.”

Amy: “You’re failing, Girl… you look like you’re about to go postal.”

Aurora: “…”

Aurora 10_044

Mila: “Our kids are getting married… guess this means we’re family too.”

Dorian: “I guess.”

Mila: “Continue ignoring each other for the most part except at family gatherings?”

My Dad just shrugged.

Aurora 10_045

I think I was nervous, but it’s not like this was anything more than a ceremony. It’s not like I hadn’t been living with the guy for the last couple years. Was there anything different in being married or just boyfriend/girlfriend? I don’t know, but I guess it’s sort of nice to make this really official.

So you might be wondering… how the fuck did we get here?


A whole lot of months before… To be specific, the day Austen and I went home to my family’s house…

Aurora 13_006

To say that my Mom was pissed off at me was an understatement. She didn’t say a word as Austen and I brought Emily’s stuff in the house. My Dad seemed a little bit more cool with everything, but that wasn’t surprising. He takes everything in stride.

Aurora 13_003

Things were creepy and quiet as I placed Emily down to rest. She was fussy, which wasn’t a shock since she had been traveling and bounced around for the last day.

Aurora 13_001

My Dad started the conversation. He pointed at the bassinet.

Dorian: “So…”

I wanted to laugh. It was the most sort of unassuming way to start such a heavy conversation.

Aurora: “Austen was the one who found me and looked out for me in Brindleton… we started dating and well… Emi came along. I missed everyone so much. I really did. I wanted to come home, but I got snowed in. I was going to come home before Valentine’s, but… I was sort of, yeah.”

Aurora 13_004

I won’t repeat the exact words that my Mom said in response to that, but you get the point.

Aurora 13_005

Even I was thrown and I’ve been yelled at a lot in my life.

Austen later told me, “So that’s where you get your temper.”

Dad’s response to Mom’s verbal assault was just an eyebrow raise.

Aurora 13_007

Dorian: “Now that you got it out of your system…”

Izzy: “I know.”

She turned her gray dagger gaze back at me.

Izzy: “Move. I want to see my grandbaby.”

Aurora 13_009

I’m pretty sure that’s when my Mom fell in love for the second time in her life.

Izzy: “She’s so precious. What’s her name again?”

Aurora: “Emily.”

Izzy: “Awh, who’s Nana’s little angel?”

I rolled my head. Good lord. She’s so predictable…

So that’s how we dealt with that huddle…

The next came a month later…

Aurora 13_011

Austen’s parents knew where he was. It’s not like he was hiding from them.

In fact he actually called them after a couple weeks in Willow Creek.

Aurora 13_012

His Mom and Dad made the drive down here the next weekend after that to visit.

Aurora 13_013


Aurora 13_015

Aurora 13_016

Aurora 13_017

Cristal was the one unlucky enough to answer the door.

Cristal: “Hi there, Mr. and Mrs. Archer! We’ve been expecting you. I’ll get Austen.”

I can still remember the audible groan Austen emitted as he rose from the couch.

Aurora 13_018

Aurora 13_019

Austen: “Hey Mom. Hey Dad. Glad you could make it.”

Cristal whispered, “I’m just going to escape this awkward family reunion now. Bye.”

Aurora 13_020

Austen hooked his arm through his father’s and grinned like an idiot.

Austen: “There’s no awkwardness here. Let’s get your coats off and you can meet Aurora’s parents, then spend some time with Emi.”

Aurora 13_021

Yeah, I’m not going to lie. It’s better if I don’t spend too much time on how fucking horribly that weekend went.

Aurora 13_022

Eventually shit got back to normal and my folks even helped me and Austen a little place of our own. I don’t know, I guess being cooped up in my tiny little cabin in the woods gave me an appreciation for small houses, cause when it came time to choosing a new home- we went with another tiny home. It was also eco friendly and shit like that. Save the Earth or whatever. It was old shipping containers converted into a cool little house. Tiny, but big enough for the three of us.

During the last few months, Austen and I both turned legal. Big fucking deal. We did all the fun young adult stuff way before a cake told us we were grownup.

I reconnected with my best friend Amy. She adored Austen, of course, and said I must have a green fetish. She’s such a freak.

Then it was time to finally tie the knot.

So that’s how we got to this day… Sorta, kinda… close enough at least. Fuck it, we’re going with it: That’s how Austen and I finally ended up at our fucking wedding ceremony. Cue the ceremony…


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