Tiny Homes!

I will admit it. I love the tiny homes pack. It’s a fun little challenge. So I’ve made several now for Aurora. I thought I’d go ahead and share them!

So I plopped down the cabin in Newcrest cause that’s a whole lot easier to take pictures of. This cabin was originally Hindquarter Hideaway. The cabin was also oriented along the longer width, but not really many lots are situated that way, so I adjusted it for the upload.

We start with the junky murder shack:


The most creepy of creep houses.


The interior is worn out and it’s lit by multiple lanterns cause it’s all off the grid.

Next we have the upgraded model. This one is a little more well thought out than what I had actually did for Aurora and Austen.


The interior is pretty much the same as before, but a little nicer. Better boards and stuff.


The interior is much more cozy and there’s the big Murphy bed and a TV now.

Finally in the cabin series… We have the deluxe cabin:


It’s now a Two Story home. It has two tiny bedrooms upstairs and the downstairs is still a combo of family room and Aurora/Austen’s bedroom.


Rear View.





Yes… there’s a god damn plate of fish just sitting there on a high shelf… Thanks a lot guys.

After the cabin series we move onto the Container Home!

Aurora 13_023

It’s a two story modern home meant to look as if it was constructed from a pair of shipping containers.

Aurora 13_024

I thew this nice big outdoor hang out area because frankly I didn’t know what to put in the backyard… but damn, I would love to have that IRL.

Aurora 13_025

Upstairs is Emily’s room and the bathroom.

Aurora 13_026

Downstairs is the family area, kitchen and the Murphy Bed.

Aurora 13_027

This is my Sim, Chloe, she’s acting as the tour guide today. Sorry Rylan, you lost your job for today.

Aurora 13_028

The kitchen.

Aurora 13_029

Emi’s Room.

Last, but probably the best to be honest, is the Converted Warehouse.

This is big cool boxy brick building with giant windows.

Aurora 13_030

It’s a two story family home! I actually managed to get three bedrooms in this tiny home!!!

Aurora 13_031

Uh… I have no idea why Chloe decided to show off her tits and ass as she walked to the door. She’s like: “Hey.” Uh, yeah.

Aurora 13_032

The Upstairs! Two children’s bedrooms and the bathroom.

Aurora 13_033

The downstairs. Living room. Galley style kitchen and a little bedroom for grownups!

Aurora 13_034

The Living Room.

Aurora 13_035


Aurora 13_036

Master Bedroom.

Aurora 13_037

Kid’s Bedroom 1.

Aurora 13_038

Kid’s Bedroom 2.

Aurora 13_039

Rear view of the house.

You can find these houses on the Gallery under the ID: TheYayToast.

They are all No CC. Make sure you Enable MOO when placing them.

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