Rainbow Sundae 5.25

Life went on after the wedding…

Aurora 10_033

Life mostly consisted of spending time with Emily and teaching her all the things a tiny kid needed to know before they became a bigger kid.

Aurora 10_034

Austen played the guitar for venues in West City. It turns out that San Myshuno was the perfect place for a guy with a classical guitar and folk background. Who knew.

Aurora 10_035

Emi was a good kid, but she enjoyed the occasional bout of mischief.

Aurora 10_036

Aurora had become a really good cook. She could even prepare dishes like crown roast.

Aurora: “Suck on that, Bitches!”

Yeah, sure… okay.

Aurora 10_037

She and Austen were closer than ever. Which was a complete shock to everyone around them. How could the weird angry at everyone teenagers still be such a good and close couple? I don’t know…

Aurora 10_081

I guess it’s cause they had a lot of shared hobbies…

Aurora 10_038

That they engaged in regularly.


Cristal spent a lot of time at Aurora’s house hanging out with her sister and babying her niece…

Aurora 10_080

Cristal: “And that’s why the ancient Selvadoradians built giant temples. And that’s the end of this chapter- oh you’re already asleep…”

Aurora 10_083

Cristal went outside to paint for a while. She just didn’t feel like going home. That’s when he came.

Vincente. He was the local representative of the vampire’s association of whatever.

Which roughly translated to: He went around stalking people’s houses at night for shits and giggles. Or maybe to drink their blood. It was hard to say.

Cristal: “What are you doing here, Vampire?”

Aurora 10_084

Vincente: “You smell of the sea. Are you a mermaid, my lovely?”

Cristal: “Who are you calling lovely- oh wait, what?”

Aurora 10_085

Vincente stood and Cristal approached him. She was determined on giving the nocturnal stalker a piece of her mind.

Vincente: “There is something you wish to say? No… well let me introduce myself, I am Vincente de la Cruz.”

Cristal: “I’m Cristal Grofie– Why am I introducing myself to you? Go away!”

Aurora 10_086

Vincente: “Cristal! That’s a lovely name. I didn’t know there were any mermaids left or not in the Sulani area these days.”

Cristal: “Thanks, uh my mother lived in Willow Creek… so I never been to the Coast City area.”

Vincente: “A shame. It’s almost as pretty as you are.”

Aurora 10_087

Cristal and Vincente sat down to continue their conversation. It turns out that Vincente had recently been to Sulani for a vampire conference. He told her how beautiful the beach was at night and how the waves crashed against the moonlit shore. Cristal lapped it up.

Aurora 10_088

Aurora woke from her sleep and came outside. She looked at the strange green man with confusion.

Aurora: “Yo Cristal, who’s the green guy?”

Cristal: “Oh, this is Vincente. Your assigned vampire stalker. He’s probably also a food stall vendor. Those unions are pretty closely knit.”

Aurora: “Uh huh…”

Aurora 10_089

Aurora sat down to join in the conversation.

Cristal: “So tell me about the other mermaids in Sulani.”

Vincente: “They were gorgeous. Lithe, naked women with scales that sparkled like diamonds, but none of them were as irresistible as you are. Are you mixed with a goddess cause you’re blood smells like ambrosia to me.”

Aurora made a gagging sound.

Cristal: “Ambrosia huh? I guess you could have a nibble to do a taste test.”

Aurora 10_090

Aurora: “And with that, fuck you freaks. I’m out.”

Vincente: “I’d love to taste you. I’ll start with your lips, they must taste like raw cherries.”

Cristal giggled.

Aurora made more over dramatic gagging sounds as she rose from her chair.

Aurora 10_091

Aurora: “Nights.”

Neither Vincente nor Cristal paid any attention as the gray girl went back inside.

Aurora 10_092

Vincente: “How about we go back to my lair and for a bite in bed?”

Cristal: “Oh my… I think I’d like that.”

Aurora 10_093

She went to his place and they did a lot more than just nibble in bed.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Sundae 5.25

    1. Cristal is like 30 or 31… so I’m gonna go with a little of both A and B… She wanted to YOLO it up and get some for once… and Vincente seems like a very convincing sort of guy.

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