Rainbow Sundae 5.26

Emily was getting a little bigger…

Aurora 11_025

Austen: “Do you want a massage?”

Aurora: “Have I ever turned on down?”

Austen: “Massage then we spend some time downstairs while this one is taking her N. A. P?”

Emily shoveling food in her mouth.

Emily: “No sleep!”

Aurora: “Oh yeah.”

Aurora 11_026

Austen: “Want to work on that plan?”

Aurora: “Definitely. It’s the best day for that Plan.”

Austen: “We should tell Emi. Get her prepared for the eventual.”

Aurora: “That’s probably for the best.”

Aurora 11_027

Emily finished her lunch and Austen smiled at his daughter.

Austen: “Hey Sweetie. So what would you think about having a little brother or sister around?”

Emily: “Little kitty?”

Aurora: “A baby.”

Emily: “Baby kitty!”

Austen: “We could get a kitten… I have been wanting a cat.”

Aurora: “Focus Babe. She’s playing us.”

Austen: “I’ll see what the shelter has.”

Aurora: “Oh for fu– fudge pop’s sake…”

Aurora 11_029

So things went along as normal. There was baby making when the current baby was asleep.

Aurora painted her Bob Ross Northern wilderness landscape paintings…

Aurora 11_030

And Austen wrote songs on his beat up old acoustic guitar.

Aurora 11_031

Aurora was painting when she got a phone call.

Amy: “I’m coming over.”

Aurora: “Glad you’re asking.”

Amy: “Why would I ask? I just want to make sure you’re not naked.”

Aurora 11_032

Amy arrived about twenty minutes later. Even though she lived down the road. Who knows what she was doing.

Aurora 11_033

Amy: “I can’t understand why you decided to live in these cans… Your parents bad ass house is right across the street and if you had wanted to- I have a mansion. You could have moved in there.”

Aurora: “I like my tin cans. It’s minimalist.”

Amy: “It’s cramped!”

Aurora: “Okay. That’s fair.”

Aurora 11_034

Aurora: “So Greenie, what’s been up in your world?”

Amy: “Found a sexy new boyfriend. He’s cute. Not blue, but purple which is close enough.”

Aurora: “I thought you were done matching your boyfriends to your decor.”

Amy: “My house isn’t purple. It’s still pink… Stupid Mom. When I take over: No More Pink Wallpaper!”

Aurora 11_036

Amy: “What about you? Anything new?”

Aurora: “Austen and I are trying for a second kid.”

Aurora 11_037

Amy gasped.

Amy: “Why?!”

Aurora 11_038

Aurora: …


Aurora 11_040

Amy: “Okay, okay. I bet Austen is excited for all the baby making…”

Aurora: “Oh Babe… That part of our lives has never been a problem. Morning, noon, and night are the normal.”

Amy: “Damn.”

Aurora 11_041

Amy: “I’d offer to babysit… but obviously you’ve figured out a way to get sexy with Emily in the house. Good for you.”

Aurora: “You wanna say hi to Emi. She’d love to see her Auntie Amy.”

Amy: “Of course.”

Aurora 11_042

Amy wandered upstairs to join Emi as she played with blocks. The little girl sneezed on her blocks and Amy made a face.

Amy: “Gross! I’m not touching those now!”

Aurora 11_043

Austen walked in from the restroom.

Austen: “What happened?”

Amy: “She sneezed on the blocks. I’m not touching her gross booger blocks.”

Austen: “I’ll get tissues. Watch her.”

Aurora 11_044

Austen: “Has Emi been sneezing more than normal?”

Aurora: “I don’t think so. What’s wrong?”

Austen: “Probably nothing.”

Aurora 11_045

Amy: “Hey kiddo. Hows the stacking going?”

Amy sat down in front of the child.

Aurora 11_046

Amy: “You’re pretty good at that.”

Emily: “Block?”

Amy: “No thanks. You want to sing a song?”

Emily: “Yay!”

Aurora 11_048

Aurora and Austen made Amy leave after a few songs. It was just too much for their ears to handle. The excuse was not a lie though. It was Emily’s bedtime.

Aurora: “Time for Night Night, Little Bean.”

Aurora studied her daughter’s face. Something was slightly different, but she had no idea what was wrong. Maybe Emi was looking pale?

Aurora 11_049

Aurora pushed that out of her mind and read the toddler a story.

Aurora 11_051

Aurora: “Night Little Bean. Mommy and Daddy love you very much.”

Aurora 11_052

After Emily was asleep… it was time for her parents to play…

Aurora 11_053


Aurora 11_054

Oh my!

Aurora 11_055

The next morning, Austen finally made the call. The representative arrived an hour later…

Aurora 11_056

Bringing with them: Beryl.

Aurora 11_057

Welcome to the family, Weird Cat.

Aurora 11_058


Aurora 11_061

Emily: “What you?”

Beryl: “Meow.”

Emily: “Baby kitty?”

Aurora 11_062

Emily: ❤

Aurora 11_064

Beryl: Oh dear Lord, save me!!!

Aurora 11_065

Emily: “I love you, Kitty!”

Author’s Notes:

Aurora 11_059

Shortly after adopting Beryl, Aurora died. She was crushed by the fucking Murphy Bed…

Aurora WTF

I’m legit serious… The Bitch died. She was trying to pull the bed down so she could woohoo Austen the minute he got home from work and she died.

The End…


Except I cheated and reloaded the game, cause fuck that. And I downloaded a mod to make the Murphy Beds not lethal. Cause it’s a god damn bed… So if you’re interested in preventing pointless Sim death:

Download the Mod from ModtheSims.Info.

See you next time. With a living Aurora.

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