Rainbow Sundae 5.27

Amy spent way too much time at Aurora’s place.

03-13-20_6-12-26 PM

It made her do things she normally wouldn’t do… Like wash dishes.

03-13-20_6-18-12 PM

Though she did neutralize the effort by then dirtying a plate and leaving it. So there’s that.

She went home…

Aurora 11_089

To be greeted by her boyfriend.

Duane: “Hey you. I missed you.”

Amy: “Yeesh, don’t be so mushy.”

They went inside where creepy neighbors weren’t creeping…

Aurora 11_090

Duane: “And then I told my boss: And if we put in a scale replica of a T-Rex, we could charge people to take pictures in front of it.”

Amy: “You’re so full of shit. You didn’t come up with that plan. You just watched Night at the Museum.”

Duane: “No way, the plot of that movie is nothing like this. Don’t you remember the president with the mustache? He was the star.”

Amy: “I don’t know…”

Duane: “Fine, let’s talk about something… good.”

Aurora 11_091

Amy: “Like what?”

Duane: “Like dinner! How about Italian?”

Amy: “Is this a sexual inuendo?”

Duane: “No? I was thinking spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. It’s easy enough to make enough for your army of a family.”

Aurora 11_092

Amy: “I like the way you think.”

Duane: “Then after dinner you can have my Italian meatballs.”

Amy giggled.

Amy: “Wait? Are you Italian?”

Duane: “I have no idea… It’s not like Italy has existed for who knows how long.”

Amy: “True. Let’s just pretend then.”


It had been a while since Cristal had hooked up with Vicente…

Aurora 11_082

Aurora: “Damn! I can’t believe you got knocked up by a vampire. I thought they were dead.”

Cristal: “They aren’t dead. And I wasn’t knocked up… I am still dating him, you know.”

Aurora: “Kinky mermaid making a splash in his bed isn’t dating.”

Cristal: “Are you going to invite me in or not?”

Aurora 11_083

Cristal: “You wanna feel your future niece or nephew kick?”

Aurora 11_084

Aurora leaned over and felt her sister’s stomach. Holy crap. Her sister was pregnant… This seemed… unlikely?

Aurora 11_085

Aurora: “Come here! I never thought you were going to get laid. Much less pregnant!”

Cristal: “I hate you sometime. I’m going to go visit your daughter. Since she’s so much nicer than you.”

Aurora 11_086

Cristal: “Hey Emi!”

Emily: “Aunt Kiss-tal!”

Cristal: “It’s Chris-Tall. Cris-tal. Oh nevermind.”

Aurora 11_087

Cristal: “So how are you doing, Sweetness?”

Emily: “Sleepy sleepy!”

Cristal: “Awh okay. Let’s get you down for a nap.”

Aurora 11_088

Emi curled up for her nap and kicked off the blanket as soon as Cristal put it on her.

Aurora 14_003

Once Emily was down for her nap, Cristal came downstairs to hang out with her sister. Cristal’s eyes widened.

Cristal: “Oh my god. What is that?!”

Aurora: “Huh? What? Wait… you mean the kitten? That’s Beryl. Austen adopted her the other day.”

Cristal squealed with glee.

Aurora 14_004Aurora 14_005Aurora 14_006

The girls took turns pampering the tiny cat.

Aurora 14_007

Upstairs, Emily was napping restlessly. She felt strange, but she wasn’t sure why.

Aurora 14_008

Aurora: “Have you watched that new show on Webflix?”

Cristal: “I’ve been busy.”

Aurora: “Well there’s this freaking weirdo with tigers–”

Aurora 14_009Aurora 14_010Aurora 14_011Aurora 14_012

It was during this pointless conversation that Emily started to cry. She wailed and wailed. Her tiny body wasn’t right.

Aurora 14_013

Aurora bolted out of her seat and raced up the stairs.

Aurora 14_014

Aurora had just made it up the stairs as Emily as climbing out of her bed. Aurora gasped when she saw her daughter.

Aurora 14_015

She raced across the room and threw her arms around the child. Emily was feverish, which was alarming. What was more alarming though was the child’s hair. It was completely devoid of any color at all. Pitch black. Even Aurora’s own hair was a charcoal color.

Aurora 14_016

Aurora tried not to panic or cry. What was happening? The color changing was normal. It had been a known problem for generations, but people didn’t suddenly just lose their color.

Aurora 14_017

Emily was starting to cry again, so Aurora scooped her up.

Aurora: “It’s okay, Little Bean. Mommy is here for you.”

Aurora 14_018

The first chance she got, Aurora called Austen. He didn’t pick up. He must be in the middle of a show. Her next call was to her parents.

Aurora 14_019

Izzy: “What happened?”

Aurora sniffled on the verge of tears.

Cristal: “We don’t know. We put Emi down for a nap and when she woke up…”

Aurora: “She’s lost her color…”

Aurora 14_020

Dorian came downstairs and waved at his daughters.

Dorian: “Emily is asleep again. She seems fine, the fever is gone.”

Izzy: “What about the hair?”

Dorian: “Black as a raven.”

Izzy gasped.

Dorian: “It might be normal. Humans used to have black hair. Maybe it’s nothing.”

Aurora 14_021

Aurora: “This isn’t nothing Dad! What if-”

Aurora stopped herself before she could say more. The pit in her stomach made her groan in agony.

Aurora 14_022

Izzy: “Your father isn’t saying it’s nothing. He just doesn’t want you to make yourself sick worrying. We’ll get her to the doctors to see what they say.”

Aurora 14_023

Cristal needed some air. She was sitting outside when she heard a tiny sniffle. Someone had snuck out of bed and come outside too.

Aurora 14_024

Cristal: “Oh hey Cutie. What are you doing out here.”

Emily babbled. It was a little more of a sad ramble than happy toddler chatter.

Aurora 14_025

Cristal stood.

Cristal: “Okay, how about we dance?”

Aurora 14_026

After a few minutes of dancing, Cristal brought the little escapee in. Izzy and Dorian took over pampering their granddaughter.

Aurora 14_027

Dorian was telling lame dad jokes when Austen got home. He took a look at his daughter and scooped her up in his arms.

Aurora 14_028

Austen: “I love you so much, Emi. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”

Aurora 14_029

Austen: “Mommy is packing your bag. Are you ready to see the doctor?”

Emily: “Dock Tor?”

Austen: “Yeah. They will get you feeling better.”


Bonus picture:

Aurora 14_001Aurora 14_002

Look at this! This tiny cat is precious! She sleeps next to them on the floor! Poor tiny baby!

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