Rainbow Sundae 5.28

Their general practitioner doctor had no idea was wrong with Emily…

Aurora 14_046

Her fever was gone and she seemed to have regained her energy, but her hair was still jet black. The doctor told the family to keep on an eye on the child and take her to the hospital if her condition worsened.


A few weeks passed and Emily’s condition seemed stable…

Aurora 14_047

Aurora’s condition was definitely in flux though.

Aurora and Austen had ceased their attempts to actively add to their family, but it seemed like the damage was done. Okay, not damage, but the deed was done.

Aurora: “Hey Austen!”

Aurora 14_048

Austen rolled out of bed.

Aurora 14_049

Aurora: “So um yeah… guess what…”

Aurora 14_050

Aurora: “I’m pregnant!”

(Aurora was already huge, even though this was literally the minute after she got the confetti to say she was pregnant.)

Aurora 14_051

Aurora: “Oh we’re fucked.”

Austen: “No, that’s just how we got you here.”


Another few weeks later, Amy came to visit…

Aurora 15_057

Amy: “I told him to back off or I’ll leave you in the jungle!”

Aurora: “You did not!”

Amy: “I did! He wouldn’t help me identify the relics I brought back.”

Aurora laughed.

Aurora: “So what happened next?”

Amy: “We brushed busted up vases together.”

Aurora: “I’m still shocked you work at my Dad’s museum… And I’m even more shocked that lawyers being jungle explorers is a thing recently.”

Amy: “Yeah no, that’s a weird new trope.”

Aurora 15_059

Aurora: “I know you didn’t just come over to bitch about your boyfriend not wanting to identify relics. What’s up?”

Amy: “So how hard is the having kids thing?”

Aurora: “What what? Are you seriously considering having kids with the guy that you were just bitching about???”

Aurora 15_061

Amy: “It isn’t a considering… it’s a Whoops, Surprise!”

Aurora: “You sneaky bitch! You just wanted to steal the limelight from me being pregnant again.”

Amy: “Psh, like I wanna be fat like you.”

Aurora: “Oh fuck you. You’re going to be the fattest.”

Amy: “Fuck no, I will be rocking my best BDSM dresses while your rocking a moo moo!”

Aurora 15_062

Beryl aged up just so she could judge Aurora and Amy…


A little while later…

Emily’s condition was shifting again…

She woke up one day and the pigment from her skin had vanished.

Aurora 14_057

Austen: “…” !!!

Austen: “How you feeling, Princess?”

Emily: “Yummy yummy!”

Austen: “That’s good, Emi. Let me feel your forehead- huh?”

He took a look at Emily’s eyes. Have her eyes always had so much white in them? They were a bizarre mix of Austen’s multi-colored green and Aurora’s gray two tone.

Aurora 14_058

Just what was going on with her? She seemed healthy for the most part. Just… pigmentedly challenged.

Aurora 14_059

Austen: “Hey Kiddo, we’re gonna learn how to use the potty after lunch.”

Emily: ???

Aurora 14_069

Potty time!

Aurora 14_068

That didn’t go too well…

Aurora 14_052

Beryl: Meow!

Aurora 14_053

Aurora made Beryl a fishcake for lunch. Yum?

Aurora 14_054

Cristal came over to hang out… (and in typical Sims fashion…

Aurora 14_055

she randomly changed clothes. Of course)

Cristal: “This is soooo awesome! We’re pregnancy pals!”

Aurora: “That’s really dorky Sis. Amy got knocked up, so she’s in the club too.”

Aurora 14_056

Cristal: “Awh, but Amy is a bitch…”

Aurora: “I thought you were the nice sister.”

Cristal: “I’m just saying…”

Aurora 14_060

(Pick a damn outfit, Cristal!)

Cristal: “So I love the subtle difference in your landscapes. It’s almost like you’re painting the same picture over and over.”

Mila came into town that same afternoon to visit…

Aurora 14_061

Emily: “Gand-ma!”

Mila: “Hey Darling. How’s my favorite granddaughter?”

Aurora 14_062

Emi ate lunch and babbled to her grandmother.

Aurora 14_064

Austen came out to chat with his mother. They talked about boring stuff…

Aurora 14_065

Or maybe cats.

Probably cats.

Emily: “Emi pooped in the chair like a kitty!”

Aurora 14_066

Then Amy came by. Look at that little belly!

Aurora 14_067

Aurora: “Hey Fat Bish!”

Amy: “Hey Fatty!”

They both started laughing. Austen just gave them the side eye.

Aurora: “Gender reveal parties are for fucking losers, so guess what?”

Amy: “You’re having quintuplets? You’re massive.”

Aurora: “Just one. It’s a boy!”

Aurora 14_071

Amy and Aurora sat down with Mila.

Mila: “I can’t believe how lucky Aurora is to have a friend going through the same thing as her this time. She was such a miserable little grump when she was pregnant with Emily, but she’s doing so much better this time. Must be cause she gets to share the experience with a good friend.”

Aurora: “Momma… please don’t give Amy too much credit.”

Aurora 14_074

Cristal came outside and then they had the pregnant girl’s club as hosted by a Mom.

Aurora 14_080

Cristal: “I just don’t know if the baby is going to be a vampire or a mermaid!”

Mila: “lol wut.”

Amy: “What if she’s a vampire mermaid? I’ll drag you into the sea and drink your blood!”

Cristal: “That is offensive to my people, Amy.”

Amy: “As if.”

Bonus Picture:

Aurora 14_072

Townie of the week.

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