Rainbow Sundae 5.30

Emily was home and full of life…

Aurora 15_032

Aurora and Austen were relieved and thrilled.

Aurora 15_033

Dorian and Izzy came over to visit their granddaughter.

Aurora 15_034

Emily: “Grandpa like spots?”

Dorian: “Love spots.”

Aurora 15_035

Izzy: “She seems excited by her new pattern.”

Dorian: “…”

Izzy: “Don’t be a worrywart. She’ll get by just fine. She stands out in a good way.”

Aurora 15_036

Dorian and Izzy gave Emily all the snuggles.

Aurora 15_037

Aurora 15_038

Dorian: “How’s the construction on the new house?”

Austen: “… Eh.”

Aurora: “Don’t worry Daddy. We have it under control.”

Aurora 15_039

Austen: “We were going to go up Brindleton Bay for a few months until the baby is born. While the weather is nice.”

Dorian looked over at his granddaughter. The idea of not seeing her for a couple months sucked.

A few minutes later…

Aurora 15_040

Izzy: “Emily Grofield! What are you doing, Ma’am?”

Emily ignores her and goes about thrashing around in the cupboards.

Aurora ignores them both and goes about grabbing a snack. Pregnant girls gotta eat.

Aurora 15_041

Izzy pulled her granddaughter out of the cupboards.

Izzy: “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Aurora 15_042

Emily: “Nana! Nana! Look!”

Izzy: “???”

Aurora 15_043

Emily: “Look Nana! Kitty!”

Izzy: “Yes, that is a kitty.”

Izzy just got played by a toddler. +1 for Emily.

A little while later Austen’s family came in to help them make the trip up to the North…

Aurora 15_044

Austen and Brayden talked. Izzy made this look. No explanation besides she thinks they are both dorks? I guess.

Aurora 15_045

Brayden: “You guys all packed?”

Aurora: “Almost. Emi wouldn’t let us pack up her toys.”

Aurora 15_046

Brayden: “Hey grandson, behave for a while.”

Before they could go to their summer home, there was a party to attend…

Aurora 15_086

Dorian and Izzy got old.

Aurora 15_087

This red haired guy is Jack. Aurora’s cousin from mom’s side.

Aurora 15_088

Aurora gave her Mom big hug and was given weird smiles by her Uncle Poe.

Aurora 15_089

It was time for Izzy to take the plunge into old age.

Aurora 15_090

I’m sorry.

Aurora 15_091

Cake was eaten.


Aurora 15_067

Izzy and Dorian came over to Aurora’s for dinner. Amy stopped by.

Aurora 15_068

Amy stared at shock at Aurora’s Dad. Izzy stared in disgust at Amy.

Izzy: “Are you pregnant and wearing a latex dress? Have you no shame?”

No. No she does not.

Aurora 15_069

Amy: “Awh, Mr. Aurora’s Beefy Dad… you got old. It’s okay… you’re still alright looking.”

Izzy: “I’m right here, Brat!”

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