Rainbow Sundae 5.31

Author’s Notes:

You’re gonna notice… I don’t have any big storyline going on right now. It’s just gameplay. Big chill time. So here goes… Sit back and relax.

Aurora 15_079

The family spent time in both Willow Creek and Brindleton Bay. Dorian and Izzy wouldn’t let their daughter slip out of their life and came up to Brindleton to visit often.

Aurora 15_095

They had a pretty good reason to do so…

His name was Jett.

Aurora 15_096

Aurora and Austen’s little green son!

(In his randomly assigned CAS outfit… this is pre-makeover.)

Aurora 15_080

Aurora: “And you thought I lived in a hovel out here.”

Aurora 15_081

Izzy: “But it was a hovel when you moved it. Austen’s mother told me this was called the murder shack.”

Aurora: “Mommy… don’t mock my summer house.”

Aurora 15_083

The best way to do yoga… outside. At night. While asleep.

Aurora 15_094

Izzy: “You know, you’re not a bad guy. I’m glad my daughter stumbled into your backyard instead of some creep. You’ve made her happy and that makes me happy.”

Aurora 15_097

Aurora: “So… how long are you going to stay, Mom?”

Izzy: “Why? Are you kicking me out?”

Aurora: “No… no…”

Aurora 15_098

One of my cats in real life sleeps like this too.

Aurora 15_099

Cristal came to visit.

Cristal: “So did you know that Vicente has an older son? Remington. He’s such a good boy. He’s at home taking care of Noel. So that way I can spend some time with my favorite sister!”

Aurora: Munch munch munch. “I’m your only sister. Are you asking me for money?”

Aurora 15_100

Aurora and Austen went over to his parents house and made a wonderful discovery. His family’s cats had kittens!

Aurora 15_101

Austen: “Are those kittens?”

Aurora: “Austen, no…”

Austen: “Mom, you didn’t tell me Nori and Bacon had a litter!”

Aurora: “I’m out. I’m gonna go chill in the pool.”

Aurora 15_102

Austen: “Hey little guy…”

Kitten: “Hiss!”

Austen: “You’re a fiery little dude.”

Aurora 15_103

Mila: “It’s hopeless. He’s in love.”

Aurora: “What is with you weirdos and cats?”

Aurora 15_104

Yup. Austen was indeed falling for the weird looking pink kitten.

Aurora 15_105

Random cuteness of Nori and her other kitten.

Aurora 15_106

❀ !!!

Aurora 15_108

Austen: “Mom…”

Aurora 15_109

Mila: “Yeah?”

Austen: “I’m taking this kitten home.”

Mila: “Yup.”

Later on…

Aurora 15_110

Jett, after a haircut, playing with blocks!

Aurora 15_112

Damn that’s a lot of dirty dishes…

Aurora 15_113

Toddlers… >.<”

Aurora 15_114

Paint slinging while sick. That paint looks like Slime. Gross.

Aurora 15_115

Austen: “What’s this?”

Jett: …! Don’t care.


Aurora 15_124

Grant grew up. Into this weird looking beast.

Aurora 15_125

He then hooked up with Beryl…

Aurora 15_133

And together they had Sapphire. This weird looking adorable kitten.

Aurora 15_134

Amy visited. I don’t think she likes the woods.

Aurora 15_135

And Sapphire waddled around making me go Awwwwwh!

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