Rainbow Sundae Presents “I Love ‘Rory” :: Part 1


“I Love ‘Rory” is filmed in front of a live Simmer audience…

The Grofield-Archer residence…


Austen: “Yeah, that sounds perfect.”


Austen: “The most expensive with diamonds. No, I don’t care how much that would cost.”


Aurora was about to leave the bedroom, but this conversation was too good. Who was her husband talking to? Diamonds? She loved diamonds!

Austen: “Nothing is too good for my special lady.”

Aurora’s heart swelled with love…

Austen: “No, no. I don’t want my wife to know. Let’s keep this between you and me.”

The balloon popped and Aurora’s heart deflated into a crumpled mess.


Later that afternoon…


Amy: “What did you call me over for? I have a life you know!”


Aurora: “Well my life is going down the shitter!”


Aurora: “Don’t be so nasty. What’s wrong?”

Aurora: “Austen is cheating on me!”


Amy: “He wouldn’t cheat on you. He’s crazy about you…. And you’re the only one that can put up with all these cats?”


Aurora: “I heard it with my own two ears… he’s going to buy another woman diamonds.”

Amy: “Diamonds? Does he buy you diamonds?”

Aurora: “Nuh uh…”

Amy: “Uh oh.”


That night…


Austen headed into the City to meet with someone. Aurora wasn’t sure who he was supposed to meet, but she was going to keep tabs on him.

She and Amy followed him into the City, but kept their distance. He’d never know he was being followed!


Aurora: “There! He’s meeting with that woman in shorts!”

Amy: “A green girl! He’s got good taste!”


Aurora: “Amy! My husband is cheating on me and you’re applauding his tastes?!”

Amy: “Well… I’ve gotta represent- oh never mind. Maybe it’s not what we think?”


Austen: “—”

Woman: “—”


Aurora: “I wish we could hear what they’re saying.”

Amy: “Maybe we could get some spy gear?”


Aurora: “Oh no! They’re coming this way! We need to hide!”

Amy: “Oh we could pretend we were just on the way to the gym and-”

Aurora: “You’re right! The gym. Let’s hide in there.”


Amy: “Yeah, okay.”

The next day…


Aurora and Amy followed Austen again. This time he went to the gardens.


Aurora: “I saw him walk up this pathway. He should be right around the corner.”


Amy: “What if this is all a mistake?”

Aurora: “How could it be a mistake? You saw what I saw last night and I know what I heard on that phone call!”


Amy: “Maybe you’re projecting cause you’re scared you’ve lost your sex appeal.”

Aurora: “I have plenty of sex appeal!”

Amy: “Maybe you just need bigger…”

Aurora: “I do not!”


The girls snuck up the pathway and peeked around the corner. There was Austen and the mysterious woman.


Aurora: “Do you believe me now?”

Amy: “Okay yeah… He’s cheating on you. Sorry, I didn’t believe you.”


Austen: “—”

Woman: “…”

Austen: “—”


Aurora: “Argh, I can’t believe him. I want to go over there and slap the taste out of his mouth, but we need to catch him in the act or he’s just going to deny it if we barge in now!”

Amy: “So what do we do?”

Aurora: “Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan.”

Amy: “Oh ‘Rory, I don’t like the sound of that…”


Alright, we’re going to cut to a quick commercial break, but don’t worry! “I Love ‘Rory” will be right back! (Seriously, the next part will be posted intermediately after this.)

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