Rainbow Sundae Presents “I Love ‘Rory” :: Part 2


Thank you for sticking around for more “I Love ‘Rory”!

Later that day in the Spice District…


Aurora: “These costumes are perfect! The guys will never recognize us!”


Amy: “But ‘Rory… what are we supposed to be?”

Aurora: “What do you mean, what are we supposed to be???”

Aurora: “We’re vendors!”

Amy: “But what do we sell? I need to know. How am I supposed to get into character if I don’t know what we sell?”

Aurora: “Character? Ah! Fine, we sell perfume! We sell perfume and keep tab on my wandering hands husband while he’s hanging out with your husband!”


Amy: “I don’t want to sell perfume!”

Aurora: “We’re not actually selling anything!”

Amy: “I don’t think I want to go along with this plan, Aurora.”

Aurora: “Listen Amy, we paid for the full rental for these costumes. There’s no refunds for early returns.”

Amy: “Oh no! I can’t waste a full day’s rental. That’d be a waste of money!”

Aurora: “Exactly! Now let’s catch my husband with his pants down!”
Meanwhile, not too far away…


Damian: “It’s a beautiful day today.”


Austen: “It sure is.”

Damian: “Too bad we’ve got that photoshoot at noon.”

Austen: “Eh, we can make them wait. We’re rockstars. Who cares if we’re a little late.”


Damian: “What in the world… Austen… have you noticed those vendors look suspiciously like our wives?”


Austen: “It’s not suspiciously like. It is our wives. Aurora and Amy have been following me around for the last couple days.”


Damian: “Wait what? Why?”

Austen: “No idea.”


Damian: “Shouldn’t we tell them we see them?”

Austen: “No way. This is much more funny. Let’s see what this ends up as.”


The mysterious woman walked up to Austen and Damian.

Woman: “Hey! What do you two think you’re doing out here?”

Austen: “Crap. She found us.”


Damian: “We were just getting in a little exercise before the photoshoot.”

Manager: “Manage rockstars… it’ll be easy they said.  Get inside and change guys.”


Amy: “Hey! It’s the green lady again. She’s awful cozy with Austen.”

Aurora’s lip wobbled as she tried not to cry.


Manager: “They’re going to drive me nuts… Good grief, it’s wrangling cats.”


Aurora: “My life is over. I’m going to be a single Mom and I’ll have to post on dating sites as a Milf-”

Amy: “Oh Babe… I–”


Manager: “Hey! You two! What are you doing over there?”


Aurora: “No! You do NOT get to interrupt me while I wallow in self pity!”

Amy: “Aurora!”

Aurora: “Huh?”


Amy: “Look at who you’re yelling at.”

Manager: “Thank you, Miss. Now seriously, why the heck are you two standing out here? I called your supervisor an hour ago! You should be in the kitchen already!”

Aurora: “In the kitchen?”

Manager: “You’re the bakers I hired to make cupcakes for the crew, right?”

Amy: “What?”

Aurora: “Of course we are.”


Damian: “Our manager really busts our balls.”

Austen: “Speak for yourself. Mine are still intact.”


Damian laughed.

Damian: “Whatever man, let’s grab a drink before the shoot!”


Amy: “… ‘Rory…”

Aurora: “Shut up and go to the kitchen, Amy.”


Amy: “This thing makes cupcakes?”


Aurora: “Of course it does. It’s just a big industrial oven.”


Amy: “I can’t bake! I tried making a birthday cake for my son and when he saw it… he started crying!”

Aurora: “It does all the work for us! How hard can it be?”


Amy: “I don’t know, ‘Rory…”

Aurora: “Don’t worry, I’ve got this.”

Amy: “That’s what I’m scared of!”


Amy: “I’m going to need a drink for this.”

Aurora: “Whatever! I got this!”


Aurora: “This doesn’t seem too hard. Just press this here and…”


Amy: “Hey! They gave me a free orange sunrise. This drink reminds me of my Mom…”

Aurora: “Don’t distract me with your Mom stories.”


Amy: “Shouldn’t you read a manual or something?”

Aurora: “Why? You just press the start button here!”


The machine sputtered and clanked until a batch of cupcakes popped out the other end.


Aurora: “Who told you? Yeah, that’s right. I told you.”

Amy: “Oh whatever, how many of these things do we need?”


Aurora: “No clue. She just wanted us to build a cupcake tower. So I guess I’ll just crank this puppy up to high gear.”


Aurora pulled down the leaver and the machine squealed in protest. Her eyes went wide as the gears in the leaver screeched and fell out of place.


Uh oh...


A siren wailed as the machine went haywire.


Aurora: “Uh oh!”

Amy: “Dang…!”


The machine spat out cupcake after cupcake.


Amy: “That’s a lot of pastries!”

Aurora: “Don’t just stand there! Help me shut this thing off!”


The girls ripped the power cable from the electrical outfit as frosting spewed out of the machine.

Amy: “I told you this was a bad plan!”


Austen and Damian heard the noise and rushed in the room.

Damian: “Amy! What is going on in here!”


Austen burst out laughing at the scene of the cupcake carnage.

Austen: “Oh man! This was better than I expected!”

Aurora slammed her fists against her thighs in frustration.

Aurora: “What do you mean you expected?!”

Austen: “I know you’ve been following me, Goofnut. Why?”

Aurora: “Cause you were cheating on me with that woman!”

Austen: “That woman? You mean my new manager?”


Aurora: “Your manager?”

Austen: “Yes, she replaced Bob after he had to take medical leave for his surgery. Why would you think I’d ever cheat on you?”

Aurora: “I heard you on the phone… you were buying diamonds.”

Austen: “That’s what this is about? Those were for Beryl!”

Amy: “The cat?! Oh that makes sense… you’re weird, Austen.”

Aurora: “Diamonds for Beryl?”

Austen: “A new collar for her tenth birthday.”


The manager walked in and looked in disbelief at the scene.

Manager: “What the hell happened here and why is some delivery guy trying to get me to sign for a priority package from a pet boutique…”

She sighed and just walked away.

The end- cue the music!


Da da da


da da da duun.


Da da da


da da da duun.

Author’s Notes:

Thanks for hanging around. We’ll have a normal story and probably a new generation pretty soon! Thanks and hope everyone is doing well.

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