Teaser: Vampires!

So here’s a little teaser of what’s to come with the next generation of Rainbow Sundae…

Sexy vampires.

I’ve gotten permission to use some very sexy vampires created by some super talented simmers from the forums for the next generation. Many thanks to afai1261, pammiechick, and MonaSolstraale for letting me use their Sims!

So here they are in the berry vampire goodness…

So I threw on a coat of paint on everyone’s Sims and tried to keep them as true to the original designs while updating them with berry hair, eyes, and skin color!

First up, we have Candy Silver. She’s the creation of Pammiechick.

My first thought was to give her bubblegum pink skin, but I figured that was too on the nose. So instead I picked this deep pinkish purple shade. I left her hair the same she came with because I thought the pink highlights in it suited her skin tone nicely. We will just pretend it’s the blonde and purple that are the dyed parts. *wink wink* Her eyes are a softer shade of pink.

Next we have Mostyn and Roland Gothier. They are cousins, turned to vampires by the same sire while they were in their early twenties. They are the creation of afai1261.

I chose a dark smoky purple for the both of them. It works well for a very sexy midnight look to them. Their eyes would be a similar shade of purple if you could actually see them. Roland’s eyes are always glowy, so you can’t tell with him.

And finally, we have Keoni and his cat, Freyja. I picked dark blue for Keoni. It looks so lovely with his brilliant yellow eyes and his yellow jacket. Freyja was originally a black cat, but I gave her a makeover to make her match her owner.

Look at the way Candy looks at Keoni… it’s almost like she knows in a parallel universe she and he got together.

Bonus snuggle picture!

I also gave the vamp crew a doggo… he’s a bizarre mixed breed that I named Toaster. He’s a weird thing.

Toaster is cross eyed.

Moss: “Bye weird doggo.”

You will be seeing these guys soon. And maybe more… or at least another cat or two. I hear that Candy really likes cats.

Special Extras!

In order to have Roland and Mostyn as actual cousins… I had to create at least one parent per. And because Roland and Mostyn are vamps… well their parents are vamps. Just for fun… here’s what they look like. I just stuck them in vampire outfits for everything cause well… we’ll never see them again. The lady is named Marlene, she’s Moss’ Mom. The guy is named Jaron, he’s Roland’s Dad. They are both rather attractive. It’s a shame… but into the bin ya go!

2 thoughts on “Teaser: Vampires!

  1. Such beautiful vampires! Love seeing them in their gorgeous colors! All are perfectly shaded! Can’t wait to see the antics! 😝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! I’m really glad you approve of Candy’s berry makeover! And I agree that they all look great with the berry colors. I’ve been looking forward to sharing this generation with you all!

      Liked by 1 person

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