Tour of the new Grofield home and Queen Vickie’s

Cape Cornerstone

I made the Grofield family a new home because the Tiny Converted Warehouse home was too tiny for a family with two now young adult aged children. So I wanted to make a lovely weird little home for them.

The front yard is actually a tiered grounds covered in lush plants.

The entryway is a greenhouse so certain plants can be grown in the safety of the indoors.

Front View
Side View
Back View
Overhead View
Living Room
Living Room
Austen and Aurora’s Room
Emily’s Room
Jett’s Room
Jett’s Room

I don’t take pictures of bathrooms cause who cares… they’re just pottys.

Queen Vickie’s

An old Victorian factory located in Forgotten Hollow. No clue what they used to manufacture there, but not they just produce phat beats. Does anyone still say phat? Who cares, it’s a vampire club… they can use outdated lingo.

Front View
Rear View
Overhead View, 1st Floor
Overhead View, 2nd Floor
Overhead View, 3rd Floor
The seating area and the dance floor.
The stairs.
Close up on the dance floor and the bar.
Upstairs sitting area.
VIP area
Upstairs hall area.
Secret room located on the third floor for vampires that need a nap. Can only be accessed by teleporting or bat form.

Both lots are available on the Gallery under the ID TheYayToast.

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