Rainbow Sundae Generation 6- Epilogue

Original footage from the incidents have been lost to time, but enclosed is a transcript from the diary of Jett Grofield. The sixth heir to the Grofield name and Shephard of the township of Willow Creek.

Entry 1:

I’ve started to document my life. There’s too many rolling around in my mind and in my world. It’s making me feel as erratic as Emily. I need somewhere to turn and I don’t know who I can trust anymore.

It used to be so simple. My life had a plan. I protected my sister. I studied medicine with the hope to find the answer to soothe and quiet the voices that pulled her away from reality. I would find the cure and then maybe I’d take the time to worry about things like finding love. That plan might never happen now.

My step-cousin, Remington, made sure of that by letting my sister drink his blood. The vampiric blood coursing through Emily’s veins have changed her in dramatic ways. She used to be a handful. Talking to lamps and yelling at shadows, but she’s become stable. Eerily so. Her everyday behavior is downright mundane, but then the shifts occur. Something triggers in her and she becomes another person…

I don’t know how I feel about this other person. She calls herself Emerald when this second personality is dominant. Emerald is vivacious and sensual in a way that sickens me. She has no qualms about flirting with her new acquaintances or Remington or even myself on the rare occasion.

She spends her time in the company of vampires under Remington’s protection. I don’t trust them.

Entry 2:
I’ve contacted a psychologist, Thalia Phoenix. She’s really something else. A tough shelled woman that’s completely unapproachable. She’s willing to help me with treating Emily.

I might be crazy myself… but I look forward to work with Thalia.

Entry 3:
Under Thalia’s suggestion, I’ve been spending more time with Emi’s vampire friends–

((The pages after this have been ripped out.))

Entry 6:

I don’t know where to begin. I can still feel the warmth of Thalia’s skin on mine. Her warmth burns through my rational soul. I’m desperate to feel that again, but I just don’t know. Something about what I shared with Thalia feels simply carnal. Animalistic lust that I should probably be ashamed of. I’d talk to someone about it, but the only people I could tell would either congratulate me or tell me how carnal desires are just like the need for blood.

I need new friends.

Entry 7:

I think I’m becoming a better dancer.

I had dinner with Candy and Keoni. I think something is going on between them and I’m pretty sure I was just there to facilitate their date. Especially since the both of them typically subscribe to a liquid diet.

No idea why I needed to be there. Candy did mention wanting to keep me close by since the Prince had heard about my sister and I. So maybe I wasn’t so much their chaperone as I was an infant being babysat. Keoni isn’t offering any elaboration on the situation, but he knows the least about vampire culture out of the vampires.

I like that about him. It makes him feel more human. He doesn’t act like he’s apart of some secret club.

Entry 8:
I met with Thalia again today. I don’t think our relationship has moved very far past friends, but I find myself wanting so much more. I watched the corners of her lips curl up in to a smile and my heart skipped a beat. I am desperate to connect with her. To unravel her mysteries.

I told her more about Emily and her friends. I told her they were vampires and that they were actually all quite charming people.

The warmth in Thalia’s face drained and she left the table with a simple sentence “I fucking hate vampires.”

Entry 9:

God is probably laughing at all of us. We’re all fucked beyond belief…

Thalia has been cold to me since that night. We discuss Emi’s progress, but little else. I don’t know how to break through that shell.

I ended up telling Roland about Thalia. Out of all the vampires, he’s the one I’m closest to. He’s easy to talk to and I feel some sort of connection with him. I may have had one too many drinks and ended up whining about my complete disaster of a love life. I don’t know why… but Roland’s hurt expression sobered me up. What the fuck?

I’m not the only one suffering from romantic drama. I don’t even know how to feel about this, but Emily has found herself both a boyfriend and an unrequited love.

It turns out that our cousin is enamored with her. Remington is not related to us by blood and since he’s a vampire he’s actually almost a hundred years old. This seems to be justification enough in his brain to be completely infatuated with Emi. I know he’s not really our cousin in the traditional sense, but the thought still makes me a little nauseous.

Her boyfriend is actually Roland’s cousin, Mostyn. He is also afflicted with some sort of mental disability. They seem to understand each other perfectly. I’m happy for Emily, but I’m worried that Moss might not accept both sides of my sister. Will he break up with her when she’s not in her Emerald persona?

Entry 10:

Is there someone up there making my life a soap opera? I found out why Roland was so distraught and now I’m pretty damn distraught too. We talked and it turns out that Thalia is actually descended from his brother.

I took him to meet her, but he didn’t have the courage to talk to her. She was waiting for us in the park. He watched her from afar with the saddest look in his eyes.

“She’s so frail,” Roland mused.
“Not really,” I replied. “She’s got more grit than sandpaper.”
“I can feel my family’s blood coursing through her blood,” he said. “But I can also feel the weakest trace of vampiric blood in her. One of her ancestors was a vampire…”
I raised my eyebrow at him.
“Don’t even joke, Jett.”

So there’s that… but that’s not the part that is really a kick in the pants.

Later that night, Roland and I went to Queen Vickie’s to recover our wits. I’m not going to even explain how things got to it, but Roland kissed me. Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about it. I felt the same fire that I had experienced with Thalia when Roland pressed his lips against mine. I might have kissed him back, but I might have just stood there in dumb shock. I have no fucking idea.

((Another series of entries have been ripped out.))

Entry 13:

Candy and Keoni eloped.

Entry 16:
It’s been months I’ve seen Thalia. She avoided all my calls… I didn’t know why until I managed to catch her off guard at school.

She’s pregnant with my child… She’s not happy with it either. Her interest in children, whether hers or those of others, is none. I’ve begged her to keep the child, but she’s not pleased with carrying the child to term. She said something about having wanted this accursed bloodline to end with her. Please… I can’t- I just don’t know what to do.

Entry 18:

The Prince finally made their appearance. It turns out that the Prince is actually a gorgeous woman. I guess vampires don’t give a shit about the word prince usually means a male.

So the hot Prince and her Sheriff introduced themselves to Emily and me. It turns out they don’t appreciate humans dabbling in vampire affairs.

Remington stuttered through his words as the Prince verbally lashed out at him. There was this tiny flame of courage that was threatening to be extinguished by her words until Emi took a step forward.

Her heel clicked on the floor and she curled her upper lip as she addressed the Vampire Prince, “The only royal thing you are Prince is a royal pain in the ass. How about you zip your lip and actually hear the situation?”

The Prince laughed and it sent shivers through me. The sensation was something I didn’t know could occur. Both lust and terror all at once.

The Sheriff took a step forward.
“You’ll watch your mouth, Human,” he said and bared his very long fangs at me.

The Prince put a hand on her Sheriff’s arm. Holding him in check with the simple gesture.
“Neophyte of the De La Cruz bloodline,” she said as she looked at Remington. “These abominations and blights come from your actions. Now, I have to step in to protect the Masquerade. This does not look good for your family.”

Remington gulped.
“Emerald is my ghoul-” he began to say, but was cut off by the Prince.

“And the human,” the Prince asked.

Candy lifted her chin. Her eyes piercing. Giving no ground to budge.
“The human is under my protection,” she said.

“Do you plan to turn him,” the Sheriff asked. “I thought you’d have your hands full with your new husband.”

“I…” Candy said and paused.

“No one is turning me,” I said with a scowl.

The Prince laughed her frightening laugh and walked towards me. Her fingers brushed against me lightly and she leaned in close. My held my breath as she inhaled my scent.
“Are you sure,” she asked. “You reek of Gothier…”

The Prince lifted her head from my shoulder and turned her attention to Emerald.
“There’s no room in my court for half breeds. Choose my beautiful darling. I will welcome you to my world since we are so alike. Or I will end your suffering as a pitiful human.”

Entry 19:
I’ve been keeping an eye on Thalia. She’s agreed to keep the child and I’ll take her once it’s born.

I wish I could forge some sort of bond with Thalia, but the tiny spark between us was crushed under her heel. She wants nothing to do with me.

I don’t know what suffering has made her this way and I wish I could help.

Entry 20:
Roland and I are becoming closer. I think I have feelings for him.

Entry 21:
Emily finally turned Remington down. She let him down easy, but he’s decided it’d be too awkward for her to drink his blood.

I think he’s just being petty.

Moss requested permission from the Prince to turn Emily…

Entry 24:

Emi: “It’s so cold out tonight…” Moss: “You won’t feel it once you change.” Emi: “That’s good.”
Moss: “Are you sure you want to do this? Eternity is forever and this may hurt…” Emi: “I’d give my past for a tomorrow with you, Mostyn. I love you.” Moss: “Really?” Emi: “Of course you Dummy.”
The change was instant… Emi’s body, still reeling with the lingering remains of vampire blood, was hungry to accept the new vampiric influence and she changed into something other than human.

My sister has become a vampire and a bride all in one night.

((Entries missing)

Entry 37:
The Prince found out about Thalia’s existence.

“I’ve had enough of half breeds and humans threatening the peace of our kind,” The Prince said. Her lips were set in a scowl. “The half breed had the sense to join us. My Darling marked one. As for the weak blooded Gothier-Phoenix make her one of us or… I will deal with her personally.”

Entry 38:
Telling Thalia didn’t go well. She kicked Roland and I out of her house.

She’s so close to giving birth, I don’t like not being around and protecting her… but she’s shutting me out completely. If anything, she’s more angry at me than ever.

Entry 39:
I’ve finally found the root of Thalia’s anger. Her great grandmother was a woman named Camille and she was the granddaughter of Roland’s brother. Camille fell in love with a vampire man with the last name of Phoenix and ran away with him against her family’s wishes.

Camille’s family still had a really big hate hard on for vampires. The family found out about Camille’s marriage and found the newlyweds. They tied him to a tree in the yard. He was dead at sunrise and Camille’s only memory of him was the son she bore a few months later.

The last lingering drops of Phoenix blood must still run through Thalia’s veins and the resentment of generations of poverty and strife from the family’s dealings with vampires must weigh her down.

((The next section of the book has been utterly destroyed. Pages have been ripped out and others are soaked in tears.))

Entry ???:

Thalia… What were you thinking?

You laid a trap for the most powerful vampire in the City. How did you think this would go?

Thalia rented a home in the vampire stronghold outside the City and covered it in garlic. The house was a reeking deathtrap for vampires.

She left a short message at Queen Vickie’s for the Prince. The note said she had decided it’d be best if she turned. She’d be waiting at her rented home in Forgotten Hallows.

Her second step was to call me. She wanted me to watch the demise of the Prince and see what Thalia felt was a “fitting end” to all vampires.

The trap failed. Of course it did…

The Prince was enraged and took out her revenge on Thalia.

I hope that she may finally rest at ease in heaven… I’ll never let your memory be forgotten, but I will not let our daughter live in the shadow of your family’s dark legacy.

She’ll live in the bright sunny future of Willow Creek and become the next Shephard.

The End.

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Sundae Generation 6- Epilogue

  1. So much happened in Jett’s life – so much drama and heartache. Poor guy!
    Also, I had a good giggle at this: “Is there someone up there making my life a soap opera?”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jett had a really tough time, but I want to think that he eventually got to enjoy a good life with the people he loves and his daughter. Raising her to be a good person that will usher in another generation of happiness in their town.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve read through your whole legacy now (I know I know I’m really late to the party) and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. You’re an amazing writer and I’ve been hooked by each generation’s storyline. I’m glad that you decided to do this epilogue for gen 6 even though you decided not to continue.

    Also, I think Jett and Roland make a great couple! And it makes me happy that Candy and Keoni also got together in your game.

    I know you said that you lost the save, but do you know what Thalia and Jett’s daughter was going to look like as a YA? I’m super curious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi hi! Sorry it took me a while to respond, but it made me really happy to hear that you enjoyed my legacy! Also that you read it all! 🤩 Thank you so much! I worked really hard to make each generation a different and interesting read. I just had to do the epilogue… I didn’t have the heart to just abandon the story after so much.

      I really like Jett and Roland together. They really click together in game too! I love Candy and Keoni! They’re such fun sims to play!

      I don’t know. I don’t have the original sim, but I should have the copy I created for the epilogue. She won’t be the exact same since the Thalia wasn’t the same either… but it should be close enough to see what she may have been.

      The biggest problem with why it’s hard to guess is Thalia. Thalia was created by mixing the genealogy of multiple of Afai’s Sims together so I couldn’t recreate her exactly since there were so many sims mixed together. 😓 But I made her this way so she’d look like she was related to Roland. 😆

      I’ll load up the game soon!


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