Exploring Tartosa

This is just a post to show off how pretty the town from Wedding Stories is. Hosted by Reamus Grinch… Enjoy!

Here’s the starter home with your host, Reamus in front of it… get used to seeing him. I was too lazy to move him out of the shots.

Another house. This one is occupied.

By these soap opera rejects. This is the most dramatic townie picture ever.

This town is so big on marriage they have wedding rings in their cobblestone… I’d hate to see what they do to cheaters here… Eeeep.

This house is gorgeous… not gonna sugar coat it. Damn.

I think it might be the wedding venue… but holy macaroni. It’s lovely.

Here’s the lounge or whatever. It’s pretty nice looking.

Another cute house.

These two houses are both just background decoration, but they are so cute!

A really fancy mansion. It looks like the house from the Godfather.

And last but not least… here’s a cute little house on an island. This is where I would live… cause fuck you all, I’m a hermit. A hermit on a gorgeous private island… so a fancy hermit.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Tartosa

    1. It’s so gorgeous! The weddings are a pain in the ass though… I did one and uh, I didn’t realize that you literally have to ask everyone before the ceremony to take part in it. And then literally most the other sims my sim asked where just like nah man. I’m gonna try again to get one perfect. I’ll report back if it goes well. Lol.


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