Rainbow Sundae 6.0

My name is Jett Grofield. No, it’s not short for Jethro or anything unusually old fashioned like that. It’s just Jett.

My parents were on a gemstone phase when they chose my name. We have several cats all named after crystals or rocks. Now that I think about it, I don’t think the phase ever ended. When my cat was born, they were pretty dead set on naming him Granite, but I named him Wallace instead.

It’s pretty sensible name, but there’s been plenty of good Wallace’s in media. Scott Pilgrim’s best friend or Wallace from Wallace & Gromit for example.

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Teaser: Vampires!

So here’s a little teaser of what’s to come with the next generation of Rainbow Sundae…

Sexy vampires.

I’ve gotten permission to use some very sexy vampires created by some super talented simmers from the forums for the next generation. Many thanks to afai1261, pammiechick, and MonaSolstraale for letting me use their Sims!

So here they are in the berry vampire goodness…

So I threw on a coat of paint on everyone’s Sims and tried to keep them as true to the original designs while updating them with berry hair, eyes, and skin color!

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Rainbow Sundae 5.31

Author’s Notes:

You’re gonna notice… I don’t have any big storyline going on right now. It’s just gameplay. Big chill time. So here goes… Sit back and relax.

Aurora 15_079

The family spent time in both Willow Creek and Brindleton Bay. Dorian and Izzy wouldn’t let their daughter slip out of their life and came up to Brindleton to visit often.

Aurora 15_095

They had a pretty good reason to do so…

His name was Jett.

Aurora 15_096

Aurora and Austen’s little green son!

(In his randomly assigned CAS outfit… this is pre-makeover.)

Aurora 15_080

Aurora: “And you thought I lived in a hovel out here.”

Aurora 15_081

Izzy: “But it was a hovel when you moved it. Austen’s mother told me this was called the murder shack.”

Aurora: “Mommy… don’t mock my summer house.”

Aurora 15_083

The best way to do yoga… outside. At night. While asleep.

Aurora 15_094

Izzy: “You know, you’re not a bad guy. I’m glad my daughter stumbled into your backyard instead of some creep. You’ve made her happy and that makes me happy.”

Aurora 15_097

Aurora: “So… how long are you going to stay, Mom?”

Izzy: “Why? Are you kicking me out?”

Aurora: “No… no…”

Aurora 15_098

One of my cats in real life sleeps like this too.

Aurora 15_099

Cristal came to visit.

Cristal: “So did you know that Vicente has an older son? Remington. He’s such a good boy. He’s at home taking care of Noel. So that way I can spend some time with my favorite sister!”

Aurora: Munch munch munch. “I’m your only sister. Are you asking me for money?”

Aurora 15_100

Aurora and Austen went over to his parents house and made a wonderful discovery. His family’s cats had kittens!

Aurora 15_101

Austen: “Are those kittens?”

Aurora: “Austen, no…”

Austen: “Mom, you didn’t tell me Nori and Bacon had a litter!”

Aurora: “I’m out. I’m gonna go chill in the pool.”

Aurora 15_102

Austen: “Hey little guy…”

Kitten: “Hiss!”

Austen: “You’re a fiery little dude.”

Aurora 15_103

Mila: “It’s hopeless. He’s in love.”

Aurora: “What is with you weirdos and cats?”

Aurora 15_104

Yup. Austen was indeed falling for the weird looking pink kitten.

Aurora 15_105

Random cuteness of Nori and her other kitten.

Aurora 15_106

❤ !!!

Aurora 15_108

Austen: “Mom…”

Aurora 15_109

Mila: “Yeah?”

Austen: “I’m taking this kitten home.”

Mila: “Yup.”

Later on…

Aurora 15_110

Jett, after a haircut, playing with blocks!

Aurora 15_112

Damn that’s a lot of dirty dishes…

Aurora 15_113

Toddlers… >.<”

Aurora 15_114

Paint slinging while sick. That paint looks like Slime. Gross.

Aurora 15_115

Austen: “What’s this?”

Jett: …! Don’t care.


Aurora 15_124

Grant grew up. Into this weird looking beast.

Aurora 15_125

He then hooked up with Beryl…

Aurora 15_133

And together they had Sapphire. This weird looking adorable kitten.

Aurora 15_134

Amy visited. I don’t think she likes the woods.

Aurora 15_135

And Sapphire waddled around making me go Awwwwwh!

Rainbow Sundae 5.30

Emily was home and full of life…

Aurora 15_032

Aurora and Austen were relieved and thrilled.

Aurora 15_033

Dorian and Izzy came over to visit their granddaughter.

Aurora 15_034

Emily: “Grandpa like spots?”

Dorian: “Love spots.”

Aurora 15_035

Izzy: “She seems excited by her new pattern.”

Dorian: “…”

Izzy: “Don’t be a worrywart. She’ll get by just fine. She stands out in a good way.”

Aurora 15_036

Dorian and Izzy gave Emily all the snuggles.

Aurora 15_037

Aurora 15_038

Dorian: “How’s the construction on the new house?”

Austen: “… Eh.”

Aurora: “Don’t worry Daddy. We have it under control.”

Aurora 15_039

Austen: “We were going to go up Brindleton Bay for a few months until the baby is born. While the weather is nice.”

Dorian looked over at his granddaughter. The idea of not seeing her for a couple months sucked.

A few minutes later…

Aurora 15_040

Izzy: “Emily Grofield! What are you doing, Ma’am?”

Emily ignores her and goes about thrashing around in the cupboards.

Aurora ignores them both and goes about grabbing a snack. Pregnant girls gotta eat.

Aurora 15_041

Izzy pulled her granddaughter out of the cupboards.

Izzy: “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Aurora 15_042

Emily: “Nana! Nana! Look!”

Izzy: “???”

Aurora 15_043

Emily: “Look Nana! Kitty!”

Izzy: “Yes, that is a kitty.”

Izzy just got played by a toddler. +1 for Emily.

A little while later Austen’s family came in to help them make the trip up to the North…

Aurora 15_044

Austen and Brayden talked. Izzy made this look. No explanation besides she thinks they are both dorks? I guess.

Aurora 15_045

Brayden: “You guys all packed?”

Aurora: “Almost. Emi wouldn’t let us pack up her toys.”

Aurora 15_046

Brayden: “Hey grandson, behave for a while.”

Before they could go to their summer home, there was a party to attend…

Aurora 15_086

Dorian and Izzy got old.

Aurora 15_087

This red haired guy is Jack. Aurora’s cousin from mom’s side.

Aurora 15_088

Aurora gave her Mom big hug and was given weird smiles by her Uncle Poe.

Aurora 15_089

It was time for Izzy to take the plunge into old age.

Aurora 15_090

I’m sorry.

Aurora 15_091

Cake was eaten.


Aurora 15_067

Izzy and Dorian came over to Aurora’s for dinner. Amy stopped by.

Aurora 15_068

Amy stared at shock at Aurora’s Dad. Izzy stared in disgust at Amy.

Izzy: “Are you pregnant and wearing a latex dress? Have you no shame?”

No. No she does not.

Aurora 15_069

Amy: “Awh, Mr. Aurora’s Beefy Dad… you got old. It’s okay… you’re still alright looking.”

Izzy: “I’m right here, Brat!”

Rainbow Sundae 5.29

Emily woke up and whined. She was feeling unusual…

Aurora 14_077

Unusual how? Well she couldn’t put it into words. She was too little to know how to explain the grumbly sort of bleh she felt.

Aurora 14_076

The only way she could express herself was to cry for her father.

Aurora 14_078

Her father rushed into the room. She lifted her arms for him to pick her up.

Austen: “Emi?! Are you okay?”

Emi babbled. Her vocabulary was too tiny for this. She balled her fists up in frustration.

Aurora 14_081

Her father made soothing sounds and she heard a familiar word among his sentences. Mommy. Mommy was coming.

Emily: “Not feel good.”

Austen: “I know, Princess. We’re going to make you feel better. We promise.”

Aurora 14_082

Aurora ran up the stairs as fast as she could. Across the room, Austen cradled Emily in his arms. Her skin was snow white now with an unusual hint of pink.

Aurora: “Emi…”

Aurora 14_083

Austen: “We need to get her to the hospital. Think you’re up for the ride?”

Aurora 14_084

Aurora: “Never mind my morning sickness. I’ll deal. I’ll pack her bag.”

Aurora 15_006

It only took a few minutes for Aurora to pack her daughter’s bag. She picked up her child and looked to the heavens. Why was this happening to her family? Was there someone up there that took pleasure in causing misfortune to her and the ones she loved? If there was… could they please spare her daughter?

Aurora knew in her heart that if she lost Emily, there was a chance Aurora wouldn’t have the will to live. She also knew that she needed to be strong for herself and for her unborn son. They were going to make it through this. All four of them: Emily, Aurora, Austen, and their son.


That evening, Saint Sul Medical Center…

Aurora 15_007

Emily Archer-Grofield had been admitted mid-afternoon. Tests had been run with no clear conclusions.

Aurora and Austen sat in their daughter’s room. Tension and worry weighing them down as they sat in the faux cheerful room.

Finally, the doctor came in.

Aurora 15_008

Dr. Moody: “Good evening, I’m Dr. Moody. I’ve been reviewing your daughter’s case.”

Austen: “…”

Aurora didn’t even bother with the dot, dot, dots.

Aurora 15_009

Dr. Moody checked on the toddler. She was sleeping soundly.

Aurora 15_012

Austen: “So how is she?”

Moody: “We’ve stabilized her. She should be fine.”

Aurora: “Oh thank god.”

Aurora 15_013

Dr. Moody crossed the room and took a seat in the corner.

Moody: “We aren’t out of the clear yet.”

Aurora: “What?”

Moody: “We still don’t have a clear idea as to what caused her condition. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Austen: “What does that mean?”

Moody: “Her condition could worsen at anytime and we might not be able to–”

Aurora jumped to her feet.

Aurora 15_015

Aurora: “I’m not going to lose my daughter!”

Austen: “That’s not what he was going to say.”

Aurora: “No! Doctor’s never say what they mean! He’s just being a wiggle worded bastard!”

Moody: “…”

Aurora 15_016

Austen: “Aurora, sit the fuck down and calm down.”

Aurora: “No! I’m not going to sit around and– I don’t know, but I’m not going to do it!”

Moody: “Mrs. Archer…”

Aurora 15_017

Aurora: “No. Don’t even fucking start. You know what– I’m out of here.”

Aurora 15_018

Austen: “Aurora, come back here.”

Aurora started to run out the room. She was pregnant, so it was it was more like a fast waddle.

Aurora 15_019

Austen stood up and grabbed her by the wrist. He gently pulled her to a stop.

Austen: “Rory… stop it. I know you’re scared, but…”

Aurora 15_021

Aurora: “I can’t lose her…”

Austen: “We’re not going to lose her.”

Aurora: “But…”

Aurora 15_020

Austen: “Come here you. We’ve got this. Emi is going to be just fine. They are going to make sure.”

Aurora 15_022

Moody: “Mr. and Mrs. Archer. I’d like to run some genetic analysis tests on the two of you. To see if Emily’s condition could be a hereditary genetic condition.”

Aurora: “Nnn… like it’s our faults?”

Moody: “No, no one is at fault. You said your family suffers from acute chromatic metamorphism. Is that correct, Mrs. Archer?”

Aurora: “Uh yeah.”

Moody: “And I see that you have a distinct case of biluminous retinas, Mr. Archer.”

Austen: ?

Moody: “The dual shade of your eyes. It’s a genetic mutation more common in the north. Unlike Mrs. Archer’s eyes which are a most unusual dual tone. There’s actually no medical term for it.”

Aurora 15_023

Moody: “I’d like to take some DNA swabs to take a closer look at your genetic makeup.”

Moody moved into stick a swab in Austen’s mouth. He jerked backwards.

Aurora rolled her eyes and stood up.

Aurora: “I’ll go first.”

Aurora 15_024

Aurora: “Aaaaah.”

Austen: “You’re really good at opening your mouth to stick… swabs in.”

The doctor tried not to snort in laughter as he continued to swab. Aurora shot her husband a dirty look.

Aurora 15_025

Austen left the room to have his done so Aurora couldn’t counter with the same joke.


A few days passed and Emily’s condition stabilized to the new normal…

Aurora 15_026

She woke up cranky and alone. Her parents were getting some coffee.

Aurora 15_029

She sat up and gave a bratty look. She was definitely back to normal. At least as far as emotionally and internally.

Aurora 15_027

On the outside… well the treatments had worked to stop the shifting. Her skin however wasn’t quite normal anymore… She had patches of green on her gray skin. An odd mix of her parent’s colors.

Aurora and Austen didn’t care. Their little girl was whole again and that was good enough for them.

They took her home as soon as they could…

Aurora 15_030

And they were both glad to have her home.

Aurora 15_031

Splotches or not. ❤