Generation 1-4 Sketch Cards

Hey everyone! I know, it’s been pretty quiet in here. Things will pick back up soon. Right now I’m enjoying playing through toddler stage Cristal with Dorian finishing up his degree. Cute stuff… I’ll share pictures soon.

But on to the meat and potatoes of this post… I have completed the sketch cards of each one of the generations so far.

Generation One:

Anita Grofield



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Rainbow Sundae 2.11

Ida Interlude – Part 2


Ida tried to put Pepper out of his head and Jenny helped with that. She was his lab partner and she really knew how to light a bunsen burner. And not in an academic way.


Jenny sat on the edge of the bed and ate up every word Ida said. It was refreshing. Ida chatted about his responsibilities on the student council. Jenny talked about her duties over the summer as a camp counselor. The conversation then turned to Jenny discussing the flavor of her lip gloss and if Ida would like to taste it for himself. The conversation continued with their lips and tongues in a sloppy make-out session.


Ida’s birthday rolled around not too long after. Both girls had their eyes fixed on him throughout the party. He made the mistake at laughing at one of Jenny’s flirtatious jokes and Pepper would have charred him if her deadly glare were eye beams.

He frowned. What did they want from him? Both girls left the party in a sour mood before he had even had the chance to blow out the candles on his cake.

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Rainbow Sundae 1.33

Ten years later… The Grofield Residence


A lot had changed for Anita and Aiden over the last decade.

Ayden with the dogs. He’s hugging Mint. Buterscotch, the puppy, on the left all grown up. Candy on the right as an elder.
Ashlynn having an attitude over her mac and cheese. Anita looking like: I don’t give a damn, eat the mac and cheese. Butterscotch photoboming.

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Rainbow Sundae 1.31

(Trigger warning: Domestic Violence and crappy pose player work.)

December 29th, 12:31AM. Grofield Residence.


Caroline rocked the infant in her arms. Her older daughter stood by her side and fidgeted in silence. The baby cried. She knew the children were cold, but she had left the house in such a rush she didn’t have the chance to wrap them up.

“Ssssh, it’s okay, Sweetie,” she whispered to her infant daughter.

She was still wearing her evening dress and the cold winter breeze cut right through her. Her fingers were numb as she rapped on the door to her sister’s home.


Anita dragged herself out of bed and pulled on her romper. Who in their right mind would be knocking on her door at this hour? She peeked through the snow frosty window of her front door, then threw it open when she saw her sister carrying a baby.

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Rainbow Sundae 1.30


Aiden scheduled a meeting with Andres to discuss a possible job. Anita tagged along to have an evening out in the city.

Anita: Whispering excitedly to Aiden “Can I tell him?”
Aiden: “Sure.”

Andres still behind the couple.

Anita: “Guess what?”
Andres: “I hate guess games, but alright. You discovered a new type of plant?”
Anita: “Yes, but more importantly… I’m pregnant!”

Andres grinned and clapped Aiden on the back.

Andres: “Congratulations, you two!”

Andres hugged Anita.

Andres: “Sam will be thrilled. I’ll tell her to give you a call soon.”
Anita: “Thanks.”
Aiden: “We’ll be right back, Babe.”
Anita: “Sure.”

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Rainbow Sunday 1.29

Time passed as time normally does after a wedding… in the same exact manner that time always passes. 60 seconds per minute. 60 minutes per hour. 24 hours per day. A wedding did not change the flow of time. That’d be silly.


The dogs got along pretty much most the time, but occasionally Candy liked to show that she was top dog. You go, Girl.


Hunter popped frequently to check on Anita. Sometimes he’d even help out around the house… Anita took a deep breath in and forced herself to exhale calmly. She could wash her own dishes.

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Rainbow Sundae 1.28

The big day was finally here…

Caroline was in a mood. Again.

Caroline: “Are you sure you want to do this?”
Anita: “Do what?”
Caroline: “Marry that… weirdo.”

Aiden strode up with a grin on his face.

Aiden: “Talking about me, I assume?”
Anita: “Yup.”
Caroline: “Annie please… think about it. You still have time.”
Aiden: “Caroline, you cant be seriously asking your sister to dump me at the alter. I’m standing right here.”
Anita: “Aiden, please. Give us a minute.”

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