Rainbow Renewal Legacy Challenge


Two-thirds of the world’s population was wiped out. Disease decimated humanity without consideration for age, gender, status, or race. Most towns were left barren and fell into decay. The remaining survivors piled into the dying husks of the cities and rebuilt.

These few survivors were people with a genetic mutation in the part of cells that produced melatonin. The transformation of humanity was subtle at first, but within a few generations the changes were widespread. People born with blue or green skin were the norm. The world was now a lot more colorful.

The cities face over population now that the major threats to humanity have been solved, but the population is reluctant to rebuild outside the city walls. This is where you come in. You’ve spent your life hearing the stories passed down of what life was like before the plague, before humanity was confined in these claustrophobic metropolises. So, you’ve made a decision that could change your world forever: If the government isn’t going to lead the charge in rebuilding the world… You will.


This is a surprisingly laid-back legacy challenge. It takes elements from the Rebuild Newcrest challenge and mixes them with a Rainbowacy.

Start with a single sim, pick a city and rebuild it from the ground up. You will need to hit every single lot type to consider the neighborhood rebuilt. Each generation handles rebuilding one lot type. You can work in any order you like, because the order you work depends on your heir’s color. For example, your generation two heir is orange, you’d build a gym.

You can work with any neighborhood you want. Just demolish all the buildings. I suggest turning all lots to residential until you are ready to work with it. This will prevent sims from inviting you to incomplete community lots.

The base challenge is ten generations including the founder. This covers all ten lot types available with the base game. You can continue this challenge for another seven generations to include all major lot types available from all expansion and game packs.

The only lots that are excluded from this challenge are special venue lots such as the Chateau or Ruins from Windenburg or other hidden lots.