Legacy Rules


Getting Started:

Create a Young Adult Sim of any sex. You can select any traits or aspiration for your founder, but it should align with their goal of starting a new town. You may create a family for them, but the Founder must not have any skills. Their family will remain in the City.

Start off in a completely demolished town (or Newcrest) and choose a lot to start the transformation. Build a tiny home as a base of operations. This home should cost less than 10k and you should have less than 2k in cash on hand. Things are tough, but you’ve spent your life savings on this project. (Use the money cheat to adjust your income if necessary.)

Once you have your sim, join a freelancer career of your choice. Your sim is going to need a lot of time to accomplish their goal of transforming the empty town into a livable neighborhood and to convince their fellow sims to come to the neighborhood.

Your Sim can only travel between their new neighborhood and the city they are originally from. For example, my founder is from San Myshuno and she is rebuilding Willow Creek. So, these are the only two neighborhoods she can travel between. Feel free to have your Sim build up as many relationships in their hometown as possible and travel to as many of the lots there as you want. Your Sim still loves their hometown and will use their experiences as inspiration for what they (and their heirs) will do with their new neighborhood!


Spouses can’t bring any extra money into the household when they join. They bring themselves and a whole lotta love, but no cash.


Once your Founder or Heir has completed their task, they will pass the legacy onto their Heir. The Heir can either be a biological or adopted child of the current heir.

Siblings of the Heir are considered Spares. Spares can live in the legacy house until they move out to start families of their own. Once they have moved out, they cannot return to live on the legacy lot.

Nitty Gritty Rules:

No cheating! No use of the cheat console or mods to make the gameplay easier. You can use the Master Controller (or Wicked Whims) to incorporate story progression or fertility, but you can’t use it to decrease the difficulty of making money or building relationships.

One generation of each color is required to complete the challenge. Since you can expand the challenge to include the seven additional lot types, this means you are going to have approximately two of each color. However, I suggest it would be best to stick to completing all the base lots first before moving onto the expanded lots. If you want two blue generations in a row though, that’s up to you!

To keep the challenge interesting, use a Random Color Generator to randomly roll up what the next generation’s color must be. You could also just have your current heir find love with the berry of their choice. It’s completely up to you, but remember: There’s no set order to what order each of the colors are completed.

Aspirations can only be changed once completed or the Sim reaches their next life stage. Example: Sim ages up from teenager to young adult and they decide they no longer want to be a serial romantic. People change!

The next generation does not begin until the task of the current generation has been completed. All requirements of the current generation have to be completed in order to consider the generation’s task complete.

Each generation is required to complete at least one of their designated lots. If they finish early, they can start working towards another lot of their same color. Example: Once a Purple Generation finishes building their Museum, they can work towards the goals for building a Vet Clinic. They cannot however work towards the goals of another color. No Bars built by Purple Generations.

Each generation requires an heir. This heir can be either a biological child or adopted child of the current heir. If the current heir has failed to produce a successor… choose a niece or nephew of the current heir.

No moving in random Sims into the household. The only Sims that can be moved in are Spouses/Partners of the Heir or Spares.

Heirs cannot be moved off the current legacy lot. Spares can be moved away into their own households, but your current Heir must live on the designated legacy lot.

A Sim can only consume 1 anti-aging potion during their lifetime. So only 1 Potion of Youth or Cowplant Milk.

Most legacies require you to play only the legacy household. In this challenge there’s a little leeway… If you want to be a nosey rosy and take a peek at what other families are doing in the neighborhood, turn off aging so you do not lose time on your legacy family. You aren’t allowed to play as other families, but you can pop in to “encourage” other families to have more children or get married. Little things. 😉

If you want to follow your Sim to work. Go for it.

Your founder or heir can be an Occult, but be wary when selecting a vampire founder/heir… They live forever! An Heir can’t be in charge for over one standard sim lifetime, so approximately 90 days. That’d make things way too easy.

A Sim can only make a wish from the Wishing Well once in their lifetime.

If a Sim you bring into the household has the aspiration of City Native or one of the explorer aspirations, you may reroll their aspiration.

You don’t need to random roll for lot traits. Pick whatever tickles your fancy.

You can’t buy/grow a money tree.

If you play the Lottery and win, use the cheat control to delete the money. Story wise, your Sim donated the money. They want to succeed with their own two hands. If you want you can have every member in your Sims household with the Good trait donate the max amount of money to charity. Then delete the rest of the money. You can also just not participate in this holiday. That works too.