Rainbow Sundae 5.16

Aurora was getting bigger by the week…

Aurora 8_035

Aurora was changing all over. Her stylish cut had grown out and she was letting it rest as a shaggy bob. She didn’t trust anyone in Brindleton Bay to cut her hair. Her chest was expanding almost as rapidly as her stomach and all the expansions were giving her a backache.

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Rainbow Sundae 5.15

An hour after Austen and Mila went home…

Aurora 8_016

Whether or not she was pregnant, there were still chores to do. Like laundry.

Older members of the community couldn’t do all the scrubbing and the repetitive motions of hanging clothes. Their solution was to trade with Aurora. They gave her portions of their winter vegetables or canned goods in exchange for her to do their wash.

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Rainbow Sundae 5.13

Life went on in the few days after Emily’s death. Just as Austen had mentioned at the beginning of winter, it was too cold to bury her. Aurora gulped at the morbid idea of her friend just waiting for her last rites.

Aurora 7_028

Aurora threw herself into her art. Somehow her figure work had improved greatly. Maybe she had a good model to study.

The work she was most proud of was her landscape paintings.

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Rainbow Sundae 5.12

The transition from friends to dating went as smoothly as anything else in their relationship. That’s a lie. It involved a lot less arguing and more physical activity.

Over the next few weeks, they spent more and more time together…

Aurora 7_001

Austen took a bite of the sausage and peppers.

He left Aurora hanging as he took a seat on the bench and took a drink.

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