Rainbow Sundae 3.32

Mom and Dad had to go out, so Dorian was left at home with a nanny…


Dorian: “Wuv you big kitty!”


Dorian: “Who dis?”

Terry: “I’m your nanny, Terry. I’m here to potty train you.”


Dorian: “What go in pot?”

Terry: “Poop.”

Dorian: “Eww.”

An hour later, Fern and Lorne arrived home….Fern8_072

Orion was taking a walk as his daughter and son in law arrived home.

Fern: “Keep it cool, Fern.”

Lorne patted her on the back.

Orion: “Hey Ferny, you okay?”


Fern: “Daddy! I’m glad you came by. I have to share the big news: I’m pregnant again!”


Orion was shocked and thrilled.


Dorian wandered outside upon hearing his parents voices.

He was happy to see his grandfather.

Micah was in the neighborhood and popped by.


Micah waved at Fern.

Fern: “Hey Kitten, hows the House coming?”

Micah: “Well the designer was lazy and wanted to use a predone plan from the gallery, but I convinced her to do a custom design for me.

Fern: “Premade plans aren’t bad. My house came from the gallery and it’s perfect for us.”

Micah: “Well yours came from a reputable designer. My designer was just searching for keywords on the gallery. Knowing my luck she’d have a toilet in the kitchen.”

Fern: “You’d be able to use the RR while the grill cheese cooked?”


The girls chatted as Orion sat his grandson down.

Orion: “Gotta go, Champ. I’ll come over and play soon.”

It was cold and Fern ushered in Dorian and Micah.


Fern: “You look cold. Let me warm you up.”

Fern kissed Micah’s cheek. Micah giggled.

Micah: “You are an opportunistic monster.”

Fern: “I know. But you love it. So I’m glad you came by. I have some news!”


Fern: “I’m pregnant again!”


Micah: “Wait what? Really???”


Micah: “But… not fair!”

Fern: “Huh?”

Micah: “Nothing…”

Fern: “Micah… are you jealous?”

Micah chewed her lip.

Micah: “No.”

Fern lifted Micah’s chin and stroked Micah’s cheek with her thumb.

Fern: “You’re going to make an excellent mother.”


Lorne finished his bowl of soup and moved over to the girls.

Lorne: “How’s the house coming?”

Micah moved her chin out of Fern’s hand. Her eyes were moist.

Micah: “It’s going well. Construction starts this week.”


Lorne: “That’s fantastic. It really surprised me to hear you wanted to do this.”

Micah: “Well, talking to you and meeting little Dorian got me thinking. I talked it over with my Mom and learned more about the things she did for Whole Hearts… and I want to do something good too.”


Fern: “I’m just so happy and honored that you chose to start a home for children here in Willow Creek. It’s really going to be the highlight of the Crystal Courtyard neighborhood. Thank you, Kitten.”

Lorne: “I am really thrilled about it too. We’ll be here for you, whenever you need us.”


Micah: “Thank you, Guys. That makes me feel a lot better. I’m nervous, even though it’ll be a while before I’m taking in any children.”


Micah: “I’d be happy to get some practice in watching Dorian though.”

Fern: “That’d be wonderful.”

Micah: “He’s so cute. A perfect little gentleman. I hope mine will be as great.”

Fern laughs.

Fern: “He gets it from Lorne. He’d be a hell raiser if he was taking after me.”

Micah and Lorne laugh their agreement.

Fern grins wickedly.

Fern: “I mean, if you really wanted a child with Lorne’s charms… I’m sure he could help you out.”


Micah squeaked her shock and Lorne looked at Fern with a “you’ve got to be kidding me” look on his face.

Fern started to laugh.

Fern: “I’m just joking, though he really is good at getting a girl knocked up accidentally!”

Her laughter was hysterical.

Lorne: “You’re terrible, Fern.”

Micah: “She’s a monster.”

It was getting late…

Fern: “The snow picked up again and it’s late. Want to spend the night?”

Micah: “That’s very kind of you, Ma’am.”


Fern: “You can borrow a pair of my PJ’s.”

Micah: “You wear PJ’s?”

Fern: “I own some!”


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