Aurora’s Build – The Nightclub

I was actually proactive and made Aurora’s build before she’s even thought it up! It’s a nightclub that I will be putting her artwork in as time goes along.

You can find it on the Gallery under the ID: TheYayToast.

Yes, you get a sneak peek of their makeovers for Young Adult. I don’t think that really spoils anything except that Aurora ditches the grandma skirt.

Also more Rylan! He apparently became a bartender. I’m good with this.

03-21-20_5-12-53 PM03-21-20_5-13-10 PM03-21-20_6-58-54 PM03-21-20_6-59-18 PM03-21-20_6-59-27 PM03-21-20_6-59-41 PM03-21-20_6-59-53 PM03-21-20_7-00-59 PM

So here’s a look at my Willow Creek so far!


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