Rainbow Sundae 5.24

So here we are back at my wedding ceremony…

Aurora 10_049

I will totally say that Austen and I look really fucking hot today, so that’s something. We’re probably the sexiest people to get married in this old chapel.

Things went normal at first. We chatted with our family and Amy, then we headed to the alter. That’s when shit went south.

Aurora 10_051

Austen: “Aaaaaargh!”

Aurora 10_052

Aurora: “Seriously? We’re doing this now? What the fuck…”

Author’s Notes: This is what happens when teenagers in the angry phase get married. I actually didn’t age them up to YA until the next sim day cause I got lazy… So Austen decided to be an asshole at his own wedding. Good job, Mate.

Aurora 10_053

I took off for a quick drink with Amy. Austen obviously needed to cool his head to get over whatever the fuck was chewing him up.

Aurora 10_054

I drank a beer while my Dad just chilled next to me. I think this was about the time that Cristal and Austen’s Mom realized they had the same hairstyle. Poor Cristal. How fucking awkward is it to have the same hairstyle as an old lady?

Aurora 10_055

Dorian: “We can still call this off.”

Aurora: “Dad, it’s cool. Austen is just- He’s being an asshole cause he’s stuck in a suit in front of a bunch of people.”

Aurora 10_056

Austen chose this time to stomp over and be a general asshole some more.

Dorian: “Say the word.”

Aurora: “Can it Dad.”

Cristal: “Oooooh boy.”

Mila: “Yup, that’s my son… the dumbass who makes a fool of himself at his own wedding.”

Aurora 10_057

Austen threw back a drink. Who knows what. My Dad gave me another knowing look and I rolled my eyes.

Aurora 10_059

Austen: “Sorry Princess, but this whole situation… I feel like a–”

Aurora: “You should feel like a complete asshole. You promised me a wedding and you’re being a freak. So chill out. It’ll be over soon.”

Austen: “I know, I’m sorry. I love you, Princess.”

Aurora: “You ready to do this now?”

Austen: “Yeah, I’m good.”

Meanwhile… not even a minute later…

Aurora 10_060

Good job, Emi… I really needed you fucking around in a trash can. Bleh.

But onto less nasty stuff…

Aurora 10_061

Austen calmed the fuck down and we got married…

Aurora 10_062

I don’t have any fancy shit to say about it.

Aurora 10_063

But I will say it was oddly satisfying to actually hear the words, “May I present to you: Mr. and Mrs. Archer.”

That was pretty cool. I knew I was his before this, but now… Everyone knows.

Aurora 10_064

I’m still pretty sure on some level our Moms are mad at us, but what can you expect? I think it goes with out saying that most mothers are disappointed in their kids. That’s what I assume anyway.

Aurora 10_065

I had Austen and we were making this shit work. We had a long road ahead of us and we could tackle it together…

Aurora 10_066

And we had cake.

Aurora 10_067

Yes, we did that dorky feed each other cake thing.

Aurora 10_075

Emily was a monster during the whole ceremony though. She gave her uncle looks that kill when he denied giving her a slice of cake.

Aurora 10_076

So before I go. Here’s a picture of Austen. Ya know, he’s probably the hottest guy I’ve ever seen and it’s still a shock to me that I found him in the backwaters of butt fuck nowhere.

He’s got these really vivid eyes that I can’t get enough of. They aren’t just one shade of green, but instead they sort of glow from the inside. It’s pretty cool.

Aurora 10_077

And here’s a picture of me. Yeah, I know, I have a great case of resting bitch face, but fuck you. Now that I’m looking, I guess my eyes are sort of freaky too. A lot of people in my family have these weird two toned eyes and I do too. Mine is just kinda noticeable cause they are half purple, half silver. Guess it comes from a mix of my parents… It’d be less noticeable if my parents matched better.

That night…

Aurora 10_078

After the ceremony, I put Emily to bed and went downstairs…

Aurora 10_079

We celebrated our wedding night in the most appropriate way possible.

Bonus Pictures:

Aurora 10_070

Amy watched the ceremony from outside. Peering in the window like a weird stalker…

Aurora 10_071

I think she may be having some sort of crisis over her best friend getting married at 18.

Amy: “Now it’s official that I’m the single loser friend… Shiiiiit.”

Aurora 10_069

And Emi gave Aunt Cristal the most death glare ever during flash cards. Cristal seems terrified.

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